John Y. Alexander Family

Submitted by Sue Alexander

John Y. Alexander lived in Ironton.
B. MAR 03 1807, PA.
D.  JAN 02 1864, NEB.
Moved to Ironton, Ohio 1840
Married to:  Elizabeth Ann Hayes, (B. 26 JUN 1811, MD.-D. 21 JUN 1859, NEB)

!WORKPLACE: Mt. Vernon Furnace, Lawrence Co., OH. (1)
            Franklin Stove Works, Ironton, Upper Twp., Lawrence, OH. (1)

!HOME: Moved from Franklin Co., PA. to Lawrence Co., then to Ironton,
       Upper Twp., Lawrence, OH. (1)

!HISTORY:   Moved to Mt Vernon Furnace, Lawrence Co., Ohio around 1840
where he was a molder.  This was prior to moving to Ironton in 1842, where
he worked at a new foundry. He acquired quite a bit of land in Ohio and sold off lots  in 1848, 1849, 1850, 1855 and 1856. He sold the rest of his property in Lawrence County, Ohio in 1858 before moving to Gage County, Nebraska.  John was elected
County Commissioner Gage County, Nebraska in 1859. (3)  He bought some more land in his new home in Beatrice, Nebraska  Some of this new land he used to build himslef a farm where he lived until his death in 1864. (1) Hiis burial place has since become a mystery.  To quote Donald Connolly:
     “A relative of Mariah told us he had tried to find where John Young Alexander and Elizabeth Ann Hayes were buried.  He was told by ‘someone’ that the cemetery outside of Beatrice where they were buried was on a creek and had kept flooding.  The town moved all the graves to the then-new Scott Street cemetery, but we don’t know what year the cemetery was moved.

We found where John Wilson Alexander bought one lot in the Scott Street cemetery in 1869 after his mother, Elizabeth, had died, but a sister had also died prior to that. Were the graves for relocation of his mother and room for his father, or for his sister.  We have never found any evidence that John Wilson had married.  But on the other hand, the Alexanders were close (and probably had a farm close to) a family by the name of Pethoud outside of Beatrice.  There is an old abandoned cemetery close to the Pethoud land named Pethoud or Austin Creek cemetery.  It is by a creek also and has been encroached upon severly for years by farmers–there were hardly
stones left when the Historical Society stepped in and fenced in what was left.”

(4)One nearby farmer collected many stones and took them off  to sell.

(2)  !DENNISON P. O. John Y. ALEXANDER  #14 household, 160 acres (70 cultivated), cash value $500. Value of implements $10, 1 horse, 1 milk cow, 2  working oxen, 3 other cattle, 2 hogs. Value of livestock $160, corn 500 bu., peas and beans 4 bu., potatoes 85 bu., butter 300 lb., hay 6 tones. Value of animals slaughtered $25.” (5)


 PARENTS NAME                       SOURCE              SEX OF CHILD
ALEXANDER, CHARLES           IR 17 FEB 1887            S
ALEXANDER, GIL                      IR 8 JUL 1886              D

Free Inhabitants in the County of Gage
Post Office: Beatrice.
Enumerated by Phil R. Reily

     Dwl: Dwelling #   Fm: Family#    S: Sex   C: Color  Real: Real Property
     Prsnl: Personal Property Value      m: Married in the year   s:
Attended School
     l: Cannot read & write   Affliction: eg. Deaf & Dumb, Blind, Insane,
Idiotic, Pauper or Convict.

                                                                Page No. 29.
Dated: 10 Jul 1860

                           Dwl  Fm Name                   Age             S
C     Profession Real         Prsnl Birth Place  
                  278  59 Alexander, John Y.           53              m
Farmer                   200 Pennsylvania                  
                               Alexander, Martha J.        22              f
                               Alexander, William           20
m            Farmer                     50 Ohio                          
                              Alexander, John W.           18              m
                              Alexander, Maria H.          15              f
                              Alexander, Joseph             12
m                                                  Ohio               
                              Alexander, Hiram              10
m                                                  Ohio

                             Alexander, Florella              5
f                                                    Ohio

                                                          LAND AND PROPERTY

DISCLAIMER: This indexed was transcribed by Heather W. Bowers. There maybe
spelling errors due to some of the writing was hard to decipher.

The following is an index giving the name of GRANTOR; GRANTEE; then the
Vol.#; Pg.#; DATE of the deed.

Vol. 1- 1818-1862, A’s:

ALEXANDER, John; CAMPBELL, John; 14; 268; 12 Apr 1850
ALEXANDER, John; DEVAN, Thomas; 16; 575; 12 Apr 1850
ALEXANDER, John; FRALEY, William C.; 16; 508; 8 Feb 1855
ALEXANDER, John; REEVES, John; 17; 463; 26 Dec 1856
ALEXANDER, John; STATTEN, William H.; 11; 162; 1 Apr 1848
ALEXANDER, John; THOMAS, James; 18; 455; 19 June 1858

                                                        LAND AND PROPERTY
                                                               1818-1864 for

The following is an index giving the name of GRANTEE; GRANTOR; then the
Vol.#; Pg.#; DATE of the deed.

Vol. 1- 1818-1864, A’s:

Land Record Index of Grantee/Grantors


ALEXANDER, John; BEEBEE, Oliver P.; 12; 140; 9 July 1849
ALEXANDER, John; KELLY, William D.; 17; 505; 28 Aug 1854
ALEXANDER, John; Ohio Iron & Coal Co.; 16; 62; 29 Dec 1852
ALEXANDER, John; Ohio Iron & Coal Co.; 17; 506; 21 Jan 1857

                                       FRANKLIN COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA WILL

                                              All Rights Reserved ©
1999-2001 W. David Samuelsen

Name of Testator:                                    Place of Residence:
County #, Vol #, Page #

ALEXANDER, JAMES                               FANNETT
ALEXANDER, JOHN                                 GREEN

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               Land and Property Deed Index, 1818-1876
               Land and Property Deed Index, 1818-1864 for Grantee/Grantors
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My records on John & Elizabeth Ann Hayes’ son, James Young Alexander, is as

B:  MAR 22, 1834, PA.
D:  MAR 8 1893, Upper Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio
Moved to Ironton: 1840
Married to Emily Jane Gillen (B. APR 26 1838, OH.-D. Upper Township,
Lawrence. OH.

United States Post Office, Deputy Postmaster
 Foreman, Foster Stove Company, Ironton, Upper Twp., Lawrence, OH.(1)

!ASSOCIATIONS: Water Works Trustee (2)
               Member, Molders Union (3)
               Member, Spencer Chapel, 40 years (4)

!MILITARY: Private, Company I, 146th Ohio Volunteers, 2 May, 1864 to 7 Sep.
           1864 (5)

!DEATH: Molder’s Consumption (6)

!OBITUARY:  “JAMES ALEXANDER, SR.–This worthy citizen died last Wednesday,  just before we went to press, so we had time only for the bare
announcement.  He had been sick since last Fall, and yet his death was sudden.  He was up and out on the porch on the day he died, and expired sitting in his chair.  His age was 61 years.  He was born in Franklin county, Penn., (sic) and came to Lawrence county in 1843, settling at Mt. Vernon furnace, where his father was
engaged as a molder.  In 1842, they moved to Ironton, where father and son worked in the new foundry.  Mr. Alexander has resided in Ironton ever since.  He was of a modest, retiring nature, but high-minded and honorable in all his purposes and life.  In 1857, he married Miss Emily Gillen, daughter of the late Martin Gillen, who survives him.  Mr. Alexander has been a member of Spencer Chapel for 40 years; he was a Water Works trustee; and foreman of the Foster Stove Co.  He leaves behind a gentle and loving memory.
            The funeral took place last Saturday.  Although there was an ugly storm prevailing at the time, there was a large throng present. The Molders Union attended in a body.  Revs. Dick, Trout, and Drumm participated in the sad ceremonies.  The interment was at  Woodland.” (7)


Foreman of the Foster Stove Foundry died at his home on south Second street Wednesday. He was in his sixtieth year. Mr. Alexander was born near Mt. Vernon Furnace in this county (Lawrence), and had resided in this county all his life. He was a moulder by trade. In 1885 he became associated with Mr. J. D. Foster and others in the organization of the Foster Stove Co.. . . His wife and three sons, Gillen, Charles and James, all of this city survive him. I.R. March 16, 1893 – James Alexander, Sr. – This worthy citizen died last Wednesday…His age was 61 years. He was born in Franklin county, Pennsylvania, and came to Lawrence county in 1843, settling at Mt. Vernon Furnace, where his father was engaged as a molder. In 1842, they moved to Ironton, where father and son worked in the new foundry. Mr. Alexander has resided in Ironton ever since. In 1857, he married Miss Emily Gillen, daughter of the late, Martin Gillen, who survives him. Mr. A. has been a member of Spencer Chapel for 40 years; he was a Water Works trustee; and foreman of the Foster Stove Co. … Interment in Woodland.

ALEXANDER, JAMES Y. —– I.R. (Ironton Register) MAY 07, 1857
Married on the 30th ult., by Rev. B. N. Spahr, Mr. James Y. Alexander and
Miss Emily Jane, only daughter of Martin Gillen, Esq., all of Ironton.

                                   WOODLAND CEMETERY

    The following is an alphabetical list of soldiers interred in Woodland
Cemetery. Of these fifty are in the Soldiers’ Lot. The list is not complete,
as it is known that twenty other soldiers, whose military service (in the
War of the Rebellion and former wars) has not yet been ascertained, are
buried in that cemetery. Correctness as to statement of service and date of
death, or burial, is not vouched for as to every one in the list given.
Applications have been forwarded for sixty-nine headstones for unmarked
graves in Woodland. With a few exceptions, all the other graves of soldiers
therein have been permanently marked by stones, or monuments by relatives of
the deceased; but as to a large majority, the inscriptions do not indicate
that they ever served in the army or navy.

A number of unmarked soldiers’ graves in Kelly’s, Henry’s and other
cemeteries cannot be located, and it is impossible to ascertain the military
service and dates of death of quite a number known to have been buried in
these old cemeteries.

Any reader who may have knowledge of an omission, or find an error of
statement as to the military service, or date of death, in the list
following is requested to leave a written statement, or correction with
William Dillon, janitor at Memorial Hall, or mail same to Thomas Hamilton,
Quartermaster of Dick Lambert Post, G. A. R. The G. A. R. Post not only
wants to secure the permanent marking of all unmarked soldier’s graves in
the cemeteries at and in the immediate vicinity of Ironton, but a permanent
record of the service, etc., of all deceased soldiers interred therein.

               ALEXANDER, JAMES, Private, I.146th O. V. I., March 11, 1893.

Transcribed by Ken Clark, San Antonio, Texas

146th Regiment Infantry

Organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, and mustered in May 12, 1864. Left State
for Charleston, W. Va., May 17; thence moved to Fayetteville, W. Va., and
garrison duty there until August 27. (Cos. “A” and “H” detached at Camp
Chase, Ohio, to guard prisoners.) Moved to Camp Platt, W. Va., August 27;
thence to Camp Dennison, Ohio, and mustered out September 7, 1864.

Lost during service 8 Enlisted men by disease.


Ironton Register, Dec. 6, 1890 – Resigned.
     Deputy Postmaster James Alexander has resigned his position to accept
one as traveling salesman for the Foster Stove Co.  He will being work at
the new position Jan. 1, and travel the territory embraced by Kentucky,
Indiana and Illinois.  Mr. Alexander has filled his position in the
Postoffice with ability and politeness, and the public will regret his
departure.  His disposition and qualifications well fit him for his new
position and we will assure him undoubted success.
     Charles F. Thomas, the present delivery clerk, will succeed as Deputy
Postmaster.  Sam’l F. Clark takes a position as the Gen’l Delivery. (8)

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              Marjorie Inness Stiles’ Family Bible

I hope that this information will help out other people looking for their
Alexander family roots.  Thanks so much for your great website and the
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