Bits & Pieces: 1902-1911 (incomplete)

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
1902-1911 (bits and pieces, not complete)
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

In Common Pleas Court this morning, the jury trial of the case
of Margaret Sample vs The Washington Insurance Company was taken up. The plaintiff sues to recover the amount of a policy on a drug store burned at Millersport, which the defendants refuse to pay. Johnson & Corn represent the plaintiff and Corn & Thompson, the defendants.

I. R. June 12, 1902
After being out 12 hours, the jury in the case of Margaret Sample vs. The Washington Insurance Company, at 10 o’clock Saturday night, reported that it was unable to arrive at a verdict, the jury standing 9 to 3 in favor of a verdict for the plaintiff. The jury was discharged and that case must be again tried.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. July 10, 1902
* Inventory and appraisement of estate of Chris Handley filed.
* Frank Mehling, administrator of Anna M. Lutz, filed first and
final account.
* Helen E. Burchritz adopted by Ross Woolum and wife.
* Transcript in the matter of the insolvency of Allen Blankenship filed.
* L. L. Magee appointed administrator of estate of Sallie V. Magee.
Bond for $1000 ordered.

COMMON PLEAS – Ironton Register, December 25, 1902
* In the Common Pleas Monday, Lyddia G. Literal brought suit for divorce from Wylie B. Literal, on the ground of failure to provide and extreme cruelty. The couple were married July 14, 1902. The plaintiff asks restoration of her maiden name of Lyddia G. Whitt and that the defendant be enjoined from selling their household goods. T. D. Shirkey, Attorney.
* Emmett Workman and James Colvin, who were indicted by the special grand jury for burglarizing the East End Hardware store and who entered a plea of not guilty on arraignment, changed their plea Friday.

PROBATE NEWS – I.R. FEB. 11, 1904
* Amos Bradshaw, adm’r of the estate of Walter Rose, filed inventory and appraisement
* Finley Worthington, adm’r of the estate of Herman Worthington,
filed inventory and appraisement.
* Albert Steed, adm’r of the estate of Roberta Steed, has filed final
statement in lieu of account.
* Harry C. Sloan has been appointed adm’r of the estate of Thos. J. Sloan. A bond of $1500 has been ordered.
* In the affairs of the estate of Mary Lodge, final receipts have
been filed.
* Jed B. Bibbee has been appointed adm’r of the estate of Jos. G.
Walters. Bond for $1000 has been filed and approved and letters issued.

* Amos Bradshaw has been appointed adm’r of the estate of Walter Rose. The bond has been filed and letters issued.
* Inventory and appraisement has been filed in the affairs of the estate of James Walsh.
* C. E. Belcher, adm’r, for the estate of Minanda Beckwith has brought suit against Mollie Beckwith and others. A petition for the sale of real estate was filed and summons issued.
* A sale of personal property has been filed and approved, and ordered recorded for the estate of Michael Martin.
* Finley Worthington has been appointed adm’r of the estate of Herman Worthington. Bond filed and letters issued. Samuel Fleming, E. W. Bixby and Jos. Falter have been appointed appraisers.
* In the case of the State of Ohio against Robert Johnson a sentence was handed down, committing him to Boys’ Industrial School, but the sentence was suspended during good behavior.
* H. C. McKee, adm’r of Ralph McKee and others filed action against Ralph McKee et al. Bond filed and affidavit and application for
private sale filed. Sale ordered, reported and appraised and deed to purchaser ordered.
* J. K. Brown has been appointed adm’r for the estate of Peter Martin. Bond filed and letters issued.
* In the action of the Ashland and Ironton Bridge Co. against Detroit Southern Railroad Co. Affidavit for summons by publication has been filed and publication is ordered for non resident defendants.

COURT NOTES – I. R. APRIL 13, 1905
* Dr. Williams, who was indicted by the last grand jury on a charge of enticing a fifteen year old girl to stay in a house of prostitution, and who was out under $300 bond, forfeited his bond Wednesday and it is likely that proceedings will be commenced against his bondsmen in the next few days.
* Sheriff Payne left over the Norfolk and Western last Friday with
Mrs. Matilda Beatty and Otho W. Weekley. At Columbus he left
Mrs. Beatty in the penitentiary, but Weekley was taken to the
State Reformatory at Mansfield.
* The arguments for and against the application for the appointment of a guardian of Mrs. Margaret Townsend were heard in Probate Court Friday morning. The court took the case under advisement for a few days before rendering a decision. K. A. Miller was attorney for and A. J. Layne against, the application.

SWI Aug. 21, 1906 – Notice of Appointment
The undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as adm’r of the estate of Rebecca O’Neill, deceased, late of Symmes Township, Lawrence County, Ohio. Fred S. Roberts.

SWI March 1, 1907
Granted Divorce
Cora B. Woodward was granted a divorce from John Woodward Wednesday on the grounds of adultery and the plaintiff restored to her former name, Cora B. Tull. T. D. Shirkey was plaintiff’s attorney.

SWI August 30, 1907
Mrs. Jennie Thompson vs Reese E. Thompson, divorce is the style of a suit filed by Attorney T. D. Shirkey, Tuesday.
Mrs. Thompson says in her petition that she and her husband were married January 22, 1899, but that no children were born to them.
She accuses her husband of adultery at Wellston, Ashland,
Ironton and elsewhere. The parties live in Washington township.

SWI Aug. 30, 1907
Upon orders from the superintendent of the Mansfield Reformatory Constable Chas. Upp arrested Chas. Crawford Tuesday for violating his parole.
Crawford was sent to the reformatory for failure to provide for his
union children. He was released on parole but instead of remaining in the state in compliance with the terms of his parole he has been
traveling about from one state to another. The Mansfield authorities
learned of this and ordered his arrest. An office from the institution
is expected here today to take Crawford back to Mansfield.

SWI Dec. 20, 1907
WIFE of Slayer of Campbell Wants a Divorce.
Mary A. Keys filed suit for divorce from her husband James H. Keys in Common Pleas court Wednesday, charging him with wilful absence. It will be remembered that Keyes is the man that killed a man by the name of Campbell near Hecla Furnace several years ago. He was sentenced to the penitentiary for 14 years for the deed but has since been pardoned and has been out for about a couple of years. Johnson and Jones attorney for plaintiff.

SWI Dec. 20, 1907
John H. Dillon against W. A. Dillon is the style of the attachment
suit filed Wednesday. The amount is $576.16 with interest from
October 1905 at 6 per cent. Miller and Irish attorneys for the plaintiff.

SWI March 17, 1908
Mary A. Winters has sued her husband Chas. H. Winters for alimony alleging cruelty. The plaintiff avers that her husband has been treating her cruelly for the past six years and that his treatment finally became so severe that she was compelled to leave him and with her 2 children, aged 4 and 2 years, go to the home of her uncle J. M. Kelley, who resides six miles away, and that owing to her delicate condition of health and her husband’s ill treatment she is now extremely nervous and sick.
The defendant in his cross petition denied that he was unkind to his
wife and prays that he be granted a divorce, and the custody of the two children. The parties are residents of Perry township. Cooper and Stewart represent Mrs. Winters and Johnson and Cooper her husband.

I.R. March 19, 1908
A suit for divorce was filed in the court of common pleas Friday
by Archie Malone against Laura Malone, his wife, for absolute divorce. The plaintiff is not yet of age, and for this reason the suit is by his next friend, Samuel Malone. The plaintiff is 20 years old.
In the petition he states that he and the defendant were married in Coal Grove October 3, last year. As a cause for divorce, he charges that he was made to believe before his marriage that his wife was a chaste woman, but that he learned on Feb. 27th, that she was not and since that time has not resided with her. Attorney Shirkey represents the Plaintiff.

I. R. April 2, 1908
Frank A. Neekamp, the well known young shoe salesman, who until recently was in the store of his father, on Second street, was the central figure in the limelight of sensational arrests Saturday
afternoon and evening. Just after dinner he had a quarrel with his
wife at their home on Vernon and Campbell avenue, and as a result of it, Chief of Police Berridge was called to the house by Mrs. Neekamp, although he made no arrest.
After this, Mr. Neekamp left the house and came down street and went to the exchange of the Home Telephone company, where he began to quarrel with one of the operators in regard to the troubles between him and his wife. Manager McDowell at once went to Neekamp and insisted on his discontinuing his quarrel and leaving the room, and Neekamp struck him a blow on the jaw that almost knocked him down. Neekamp then went out of the telephone exchange and across to the mayor’s office where the told what he had done, and Mr. McDowell also appeared in a moment and filed charges of assault against him, to which Neekamp plead guilty and was fined $5 and costs, which he paid. A little later then, his wife, by Attorneys Johnson and Jones, filed a suit for divorce in the court of common pleas. In her petition she states that they were married Nov. 28, 1901, and that they have no children. Cruelty and adultery are charged to Mr. Neekamp, and in her application she asks that she be giver their home and all the money and personal property they have. In connection with the suit a temporary restraining order was served on Mr. Neekamp that evening.
At a late hour in the evening Mrs. Neekamp filed an affidavit in the
court of Squire Neal, stating that she feared he would take her life
or do her bodily harm, and he was arrested and placed under a peace bond for $200 furnished by Dr. J. W. Lowry. He employed Attorney L. R. Andrews to represent him in these matters and will file an answer to the petition of his wife for divorce, in which some of her charges will be denied.
In conversation with the Register reporter about the troubles that have existed between Mr. Neekamp and his wife, he said that when his side of the affair is presented, it will no appear so one sided a matter as it does now. However, he did not care to have a statement made public just now for the reason that it might interfere with his case in court.

M.I. August 20, 1911
(do not have first part of this)
* Divorce is asked for by Mrs. Mary Colvin. Mrs. Mary E. Colvin has filed suit for divorce from her husband Wm. Colvin alleging desertion. They were married May 17, 1896 at Hanging Rock. J. O. Yates represents the plaintiff. Restoration of maiden name, Mary E. Wolfe is asked.
* McGugin Case Further Heard – The McGugin case was given another whirl Saturday morning before Judge Corn and continued for public hearing