Bits & Pieces: 1901

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns


* A. Soupene guardian Walter Wood; petitioned for sale of real estate; hearing April 26, 10 a.m.
* E. E. Corn appointed guardian of Bessie Royer.
* Estate of John Hook; appraisement ordered; Henry Pancake, W. H. Lynd
and John Snyder appointed appraisers.
* George W. Keye, executor of the estate of William Ballard vs
John Ballard et al; hearing, judgment and sale ordered.
* Lizzie Rodgers, guardian of John W. Rodgers, filed third account.
* James W. Primm, adm’r of the estate of Thomas Primm; first and final account filed.
* Estate of William Clawges (?); inventory and appraisement reported and approved.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. AUG. 08, 1901
* Amos Webb, guardian of James Webb; first and final account filed.
* In re estate of Wolf Gang Riddle; application for appointment or
adm’r filed _____ issued; for hearing July 10.
* W. L. Waller (or Walker) guardian of Thomas Evans; first account filed.
* Martha Swartwood, guardian Fannie Wall et al; second account filed.
* L. W. Ollum, adm’r of the estate of John H.(?) Powell; first
and final account filed.
* J. K. Richards, guardian of Wm. G. Butter; third and final account filed.
* E. E. Corn, guardian of Bessie Royer; resignation accepted; choice of minor filed; Geo. W. Keye appointed guardian and letters entered.

Ironton Register May 16, 1901 – SALE ORDERED
Thursday afternoon the motion for the removal of Robert Peebles as executor of the will of Rachel B. Hamilton, was up for hearing in
Probate Court and a settlement somewhat in the nature of a compromise was affected. Mr. Peebles is retained executor but is instructed by the court to at once proceed to convert into cash all the real estate, stock securities and personal property of every description, and that the proceeds be distributed among the various heirs. Four months is allowed the executor to carry out this order, which will ultimately mean the distribution of an estate valued at $300,000.

COMMON PLEAS COURT – I.R. August 22, 1901
* Minnie Hamm vs James Hamm et al – alimony and injunction is the style of a suit filed in Common Pleas Court Wednesday afternoon by Johnson & Corn, attorneys for the plaintiff. The Plaintiff avers in her petition that she was married to the defendant at Covington, Ky. August 17, 1895, and no children were born of the union; that for the past three years the defendant has been in the habit of becoming intoxicated very frequently and has been guilty of extreme cruelty toward her by striking and mistreating her; that on August 11, 1901, the defendant beat her and shot at her, and she was compelled to remain away from home all night. The plaintiff further alleges that she and the defendant have accumulated a considerable quantity of household goods and that unless enjoined the defendant will sell the same and convert the proceeds to his own use; that the defendant earns from $4 to $6 per day as a saw filer at Nigh’s mill. Wherefore the plaintiff asks that the defendant be enjoined from selling household goods; that the Nigh Lumber Company be enjoined from paying the defendant money due him as wages, and that she be allowed reasonable alimony.
* J. O. Yates vs. The German Fire Insurance Company of Indiana – money, is the style of a suit filed in Common Pleas Saturday evening. The plaintiff claims that he was insured by the defendant company for $600 on his office furniture, library, etc., in the Hayward Building; said property was valued at $1250 and was damaged by fire on March 2, 1901, to the extent of $887.04. The defendants have refused to pay the amount, wherefore the plaintiff asks judgment for $600 with interest from May 20, 1901. J. O. Yates and W. D. Corn, attorneys for plaintiff.
* Callie Butcher vs. James Butcher, is the style of a divorce suit
filed in Common Pleas Court last Tuesday. The plaintiff alleges that
she was married to the defendant November 6, 1890, and that no
children were born of the union. She charges willful absence on the
part of the defendant for three years past, and asks divorce and
restoration of her maiden name of Callie Sturgill. A. J. Layne,
attorney for plaintiff.

* Alexander Martin et al vs. John H. Gholson, as adm’r of the estate of Jacob and Lydia Martin, deceased, et al – equitable relief.
The action is one which charges illegal sale of property to the
detriment of the interests of the plaintiff, Alex. H. Martin, attorney
for plaintiff.
* Anna M. Hempstead vs. Stewart H. Walker, Rosalie Gillen and
Hattie H. Nye – partition. The petition sates that Mrs. Mary A.
Hempstead died intestate on July 15, 1901, leaving certain property in Hamilton township to the plaintiff and defendants, Rosalie Gillen of Pittsburg. Hattie N. Nye of Marietta and Stewart H. Walker of New York. The plaintiff asks partition of premises if feasible, and if not, that the same be appraised and sold. Ralph Leete, attorney for the plaintiff.
* H. S. Moore vs. Joshua Kitts, Geo. Wilson, A. P. Russell, T. H. Remy, G. W. Hamilton; and Joshua Kite, George Wilson and A. P. Russel, as trustees of the G. A. R. post at Getaway, Ohio, and T. H. Remy and G. W. Hamilton as Camp Council of the S. of V. lodge at Getaway and J. C. Kite – foreclosure. Such is the style of a suite filed in Common Pleas court Saturday evening. The plaintiff alleges that there is due him from the defendants $150, with interest from December 17, 1879, on a promissory note, secured by a mortgage on real estate at Getaway, on which the G. A. R. hall stands. The plaintiff asks judgment for the amount and foreclosure of mortgage. Johnson & Corn, attorneys for the plaintiff.
* Maxie Carl vs. Effie D. Carl, divorce, is a suit filed in Common Pleas Court, Wednesday evening, by Johnson & Corn, attorneys for the plaintiff. The petition sets forth that the couple were married on November 18, 1891, in this city, and one child, America, now 8 years of age, was born of this union. The plaintiff alleges that the defendant has been guilty
of adultery at divers times with divers persons whose names are set forth in the petition.
* George Fauznet, through Attorney W. D. Corn, last Wednesday filed suit in Common Pleas Court against George Wiseman, Frank M. Smith, L. A. Wiseman, Thomas Vermillion (do not have end of this page)