Bits & Pieces: 1900

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

PROBATE COURT – I.R. August 9, 1900
* In re Elmer Marshall, removal from parents. Complaint filed,
hearing, committed to Children’s Home.
* J. H. Cotter, executor of estate of Delaney; first and final account filed.
* In re estate of Ella Kizer (?) application for appointment of
guardian filed. Notice issued; hearing August 30th.
* J. W. Smiley, adm’r of John Kiser vs Floyd Kiser et al.
Application and affidavit for private sale of real estate
(20 acres); private sale ordered.
* Will of Margaret A. James filed for hearing August 20th.
* In re will of Margaret A. James; commission issued to H. C. Duncan, Washington, D. C., to take deposition of S. W. Morris, subscribing witness.
* Adam Friel, adm’r of estate of W. T. Watson; first and final account filed.
* J. W. Smiley adm’r John Kiser vs Floyd Kiser et al; hearing
appraisement ordered. J. C. Snyder, Chas. Ketter and A. H. Mittendorfappointed appraisers.
* Estate of Thomas Primm, appraisement of personal property reported.
* In re will of William Ballard; hearing; will admitted to probate.
* W. E. Null appointed adm’r estate of James W. Null.
* G. B. Willis appointed guardian of the estate of Clyde Williams, et al.
* In re will of Elizabeth Miller; hearing; will admitted to probate.
* Geo. W. Keys appointed executor of the estate of William Ballard, deceased.
* America A. Sisson appointed admr’x of the estate of Myrtie Sisson.

I.R. October 04, 1900
Johnathan Roten, through Attorneys L. R. Andrews and Johnson & Corn, filed suit in Common Pleas Court last Saturday against Theodore Ferguson, asking that the defendant be enjoined from fencing up what is known as the Porter Lane property in Perry Township, used as a public highway, the plaintiff claims, for over forty years.

I.R. Oct. 04, 1900
J. C. Snyder vs the Southern Ohio Loan & Trust Company in the style of a suit filed in Common Pleas Court Saturday. The plaintiff alleges that on July 10, 1896, he borrowed $600 from the defendant, to be paid in monthly dues, and gave a mortgage on real estate in Fayette township; that he has paid the sum of $364.60 in dues and that on September 19, 1900, he tendered the defendants $520 in full payment of all obligation and asked a surrender of the mortgage, which was refused. The plaintiff now pays into court the sum of $500, which amount he asks be decreed as full and sufficient payment of all moneys due the defendant and that they be compelled to cancel mortgage. Johnson & Corn, attorneys.

I.R. Oct. 04, 1900 – SQUIRE’S COURT
The following civil actions were brought in Squire Craig’s court Friday:
* John H. Monnig vs. Jeff Scott, money. The amount claimed is $64.34 on account for feed.
* Mittendorf, Gabler & Co vs. H. M. Francisco, money. The plaintiffs ask judgment for $43.75 on a note with interest from May 20, 1894.
* W. C. Bickmore vs Helen, Anna and Josephine Rauch, money. The amount claimed is $68.72 on account.
* In Squire Henry’s court Martin, Keiser & Co bring action against
Jeff Scott for $18.50 claimed as due on account, and ask attachment against money due the defendant from the city as salary.

* Robert Rucker vs A. W. Vale et al, petition for injunction filed;
temporarily injunction allowed.
* First and final account of W. A. Williams, admr of David Price and exceptions thereof settled; notice of appeal given by G. W. Keys and H. H. Waller, also by admr. W. A. Williams.
* C. H. Summerson, Sr., grdn of Wm. Estes vs Wm Estes et al., hearing: judgment; appraisement and sale ordered.
* T. T. Johnson, admr of A. Robinson vs S. D. Robinson et al; hearing on motions, motion overruled.
* Will of John W. Dillon; Hearing; testimony of witnesses taken;
will admitted to Probate.
* Will of Francis Demarro; hearing; testimony of witnesses taken;
will admitted to Probate.
* Taylor Collier appointed grdn of Joseph Ramsey, a lunatic.
* State of Ohio vs Robert Richardson; application to admit to bail
filed; bond filed; defendant released.
* G. B. Willis as admr of estate of John A. Williams vs Ollie Williams et al; petition for sale of real estate filed; summons issued.

I.R. Oct. 4, 1900
First and final account of John E. Butterfield, administrator of the
estate of Lucy R. Butterfield, deceased, shows that the administrator is chargeable with $13,000, and entitled to a credit of $3,362.40. The balance of $9,637.60, goes to the administrator as decedent’s sole heir at law. Administrator discharged. – Portsmouth Times.

COMMON PLEAS COURT – I.R. October 18, 1900
* The Lawrence Furnace Company vs Richard W. Dovel et al. Heard on demurrer of the plaintiff to cross petition of Richard W. Dovel; demurrer sustained, exceptions noted.
* Walter Fouch vs. Thena Fouch. For divorce on ground of adultery. Divorce granted.
* Mary B. Manifold vs. Oliver R. Manifold. For divorce on ground of extreme cruelty. Divorce granted and plaintiff restored to her maiden name.
* The Vesuvius Iron Company vs Henry Stevenson – action for money on balance of account. Amount claimed $385.23. G. W. Keys, attorney.
* The Vesuvius Iron Company vs. Henry Woolum – action for balance of account. Amount claimed need rest of this column.

I. R. October 18, 1900 – GRAND JURY RAISED.
* The Grand Jury closed its deliberations last Monday after a session of six days. They examined 355 witnesses in 136 cases; 15 cases were ignored and 121 true bills were reported. Indictments were found against the following persons:
* James Powell, murder in second degree.
* W. H. Hall, obtaining money under false pretenses.
* William Brown, failure to support minor children.
* Walter Ross, burglary and larceny.
* John Moss, burglary and larceny.
* James Riley, forgery.
* Hens Jackson, burglary and larceny.
* William Gill, horse stealing.
* The William Gill indicted is not the saloon keeper of this city.

I.R. OCT. 18, 1900
* In the case of Mary E. Bird vs The Etna Coal & Iron Company, in which an order of sale has been issued. Ordered that no bid be received unless first mortgage bonds and coupons amounting to not less than $10,000 of the bonds of the N. Y. & O. I. S. Co., be deposited with the sheriff at the time of mailing the bid or $10,000 cash.
* In the matter of the estate of Alfred T. Swartswood, proceeding for discovery of assets alleged to have been concealed or embezzled by Myrtie M. Swartwood. Upon hearing the evidence the court finds no grounds for the complaint and dismisses the action at the costs of L. A. Williams, adm’r.

Ironton Register, November 15, 1900
Saturday afternoon, Albert Blackwell withdrew the charge of assault with intent to kill, which he filed against Edward Pratt in Squire Craig’s court, the two young men having settled the case between them.