Bits & Pieces: 1899

COMMON PLEAS – I.R. FEB. 02, 1899
* Common Pleas Court convened Tuesday, Judge Collings presiding.
* John Mohr and Albert Clutts, court constables; the former to remain during court, and the latter to take charge of the grand jury room.
* The grand jury reported as published elsewhere, except W. A. Murdock and W. J. Search who were excused, and W. P. Rogers and J. H. Moulton Jr. Appointed in their places. F. A. Dupuy was appointed foreman; the jury was charged and retired.
* Up to our going to press, nothing but continuances had been entered on the journal.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 02, 1899
* Estate of Louisa Glasier; inventory and appraisement.
* Will of Wm. McKeon filed. Hearing Feb. 4.
* Geo. Coon recommitted to Boys Industrial Home.
* Estate of Wade Barnes. Inventory and appraisement.
* W. G. Ward appointed gdn. Of John Kinneson et al.
* Estate of Robt. Royer; distribution as follows: To widow, $1625.40;
Roberta Royer, $1000; Bessie Royer, $700; Alex. Royer, $400.
* Filed 5th and final account Abner Rapp, gdn of heirs D. C. Rapp; 1st and final account A. R. Johnson, assignee Henry Pancake; 2nd and final account
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* The grand jury reported last Saturday afternoon, saying they had
been in session 5 days; examined 115 witnesses, covering 30 cases and reported 13 indictments. They reported the jail well kept, but the light, ventilation and sewerage not good.
* Edward Hartwig, John Dickess, Edward McMackin and Charles McMackin were each fined $15 and stand committed until paid for carrying concealed weapons. They all plead guilty.
* James Ramsbottom was fined $15 for disturbing religious meeting. He plead guilty.
* E za Wadington plead guilty to robbery and was sentenced to
2 1/2 years in the Ohio penitentiary.
* Zalmon and Albert Ferrall and Chas. Webb were arraigned and plead not guilty. Their trial was set for March 13th. Each one will have his separate trial, and probably Salmon Ferrall will be the first tried.
* Samuel Bush plead not guilty to carrying concealed weapons.
* Dr. J. W. Lowry, indicted for making false statement as a medical examiner, was arraigned and plead not guilty. His trial was set for March 2.
* M. G. Clay, Treas. vs Sophia Berlin et al; reappraisement and sale.
* J. C. Snyder, Trustee vs C. J. Dunfee et al; sale confirmed.
* Julia Hood vs John Hood et al; security in 30 days or dismissed.
* J. H. Ramey vs Uriah Corn et al; sale confirmed.
* Marting & Flehr vs G. D. Gray; judgment for Sarah O. Williams
for $40.35 and sale.
* S. O. Loan Co. vs G. Wacht; sale confirmed.
* W. G. Ward vs Addie Tulga; sale confirmed.
* J. B. Snyder, Trustee vs H. H. Bazell et al; judgment for plaintiff
* A. R. McIntosh vs J. Ashcraft et ux; judgment for plaintiff $2048
and sale.
* D. H. Ankrim vs Amanda Ankrim; settled at plaintiff’s costs.
* Snyder & Belcher vs Addie Tulga et al; judgment for plaintiff $234.55.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 16, 1899
* Bond of Joseph J. Abele, exr. Nicholas Haubert, approved.
* M. L. Becket, admr vs John L. Jones et al; petition to sell land.
* Filed: Final statement, estate of B. Blankenship; first and
final account of F. L. McCauley, admr. Robt. B. Royer.

* M. G. Clay, Treas., vs Jennie B. Peters; sale confirmed and deed ordered.
* J. V. Leighty vs same; sale confirmed.
* H. S. Neal vs C. Schrieber admr; finding for $100.25.
* State vs Samuel Bush; found guilty of carrying concealed weapons.
* J. Layman vs J. Mittlehauser et al; verdict for defendant.
* West I. B. A. vs W. Stoker; new appraisement ordered.
* Equity Milling Co. vs M. A. Cloran; continued off docket.
* D. W. Wall gdn., vs J. K. Lafon; sale confirmed.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 23, 1899
* L. A. Williams admr. A. T. Swartwood, filed petition to sell real
* Margaret Gestkemeyer, widow of Geo. Gestkemeyer, filed motion for allowance in lieu of dower.
* Final receipts in estate of I. B. Murdock.

* Carrie Tuechter appointed admrx. Of Annie Tuechter.
* Estate of W. D. Kelly; authority granted to sell stock at not less
than 60 per cent par value. Sale reported and confirmed.
* Henry and William Coon committed to Boys Industrial School.
* Filed: 1st account of E. F. Hannan, assignee W. S. Ranson
Grocery Co;
* account guardianship of B. F. Wade.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. MAR. 16, 1899
* Estate of George Willard; 65 shares of Belfont stock appraised;
order of private sale; sale at 52c. Confirmed.
* Will of James Tagg filed.
* T. S. Murray exr. Geo. Gieskemeir vs Margaret Gieskemeir et al; dower fixed do not have end of this article at present.

* Lizzie Jones vs Wm. Jones; marriage annulled on account of illegality.
* C. P. Tracy & Co. vs V. Neal & Co.; (can’t make out from print -bad copy)
* M. G. Clay Treas vs Sophia Berlin (or Berlis); sale confirmed.
* Mary E. Skelding vs Mary A. Scott, trustee, sale confirmed and
proceeds $361 distributed.
* Mary J. Dickseid vs Abbie S. Kirker; reappraisement ordered.
* John Rodgers was appointed Court Constable during Ferrell trial.
* Birdie Adkins vs Reuben Adkins; divorce granted.
* The Court began with the trial of Zalmon Ferrel for the murder
of Jas. R. Baldwin, last Monday, and was proceeding this Wednesday afternoon, and will probably take up most of the week. There are 150 witnesses, not more than one fourth of whom have been examined up to our going to press.

* Exceptions to account of T. S. Murray, exr Gestkemeier (?); withdrawn by agreement.
* Estate of E. E. Saunders; motion to remove T. D. Shirkey, admr. filed.
* David Edwards committed to Athens hospital.
* Arthur Anson committed to Boys’ Industrial School.
* E. E. Corn appointed admr of Stephen Brown. Appraisers, J. G. Lane, John Bruno, Arch Fish.
* Supine Everly, gdn. Adolphus Shafer et al; petitioned to sell
mineral rights.
* Assignment of Lindsey Kelly; sale of stocks by Kate Honschel confirmed.
* T. D. Shirkey reappointed commissioner of insolvents.
* Eugene Williams discharged from arrest and imprisonment, through application to commissioner of insolvents.
* Estate of Wade Barnes; sale of realty confirmed.
* Estate of Thos. Cowan; sale of real estate ordered.

* K. A. Miller appointed adm’r of John A. Killew.
* Hattie Gilruth appointed admr of Thomas Gilruth.
Appraisers, S. V. Kelly, R. L. Trumbo, N. Davisson.
* Estate of Jacob Jones; sale ordered.
* Will of Robert Hall probated. J. M. Hall appointed executor
without bond.
* James Bull appointed adm’r of Mary V. Dinkel. Jere Davidson,
J. H. Davidson, J. P. Canterburty, appraisers.
* Estate of Andrew Anderson, sale confirmed.
* Louis Schneider appointed guardian of Hattie Schneider.
* Assignment of M. G. Clay; motion to dismiss application of Trustee for special allowance, filed by H. S. Neal.
* T. D. Shirkey appointed Trustee of John D. Jervis.

* Convened Tuesday, Judge Collings presiding. The following grand jurors were sworn in:
* A.D. Markin, D. Halley, W. M. Hoover, James Templeton, J. O. Gillette, Samuel Steed, J. M. Rowe, W. R. Richardson, S. Dement, J. F. Monnig, W. H. Keyes, A. T. Null, F. C. Turvey, Walter Corns, Mart King.
* After the jury retired, the Court called off the docket, but
no cases were tried.

* Sale of real estate of Remelia Cradic ordered; E. Bixby, P. H.
Therkeldson, B. R. Laine appraisers.
* Petition to sell real estate in estate of A. J. Maloney for hearing
July 22.
* Affidavit in insanity of Lucinda Anderson filed.
* Will of W. A. Kelly admitted to probate. J. H. Willis, Jno. Herity
and W. R. Richardson appointed appraisers.
* A. W. Ward, admr. Harvey Thomspon, filed statement in lieu of account.
* R. Mather, admr. of Rachel Scott filed petition to sell real estate.

* Estate of J. J. Rauck, resignation of Jos. B. Schmidt admr. accepted.
* Oscar Roseberry admitted to bail.
* Sale by R. Mather, admr of Permelia Cradic, confirmed.
* Estate of Abram Moore; private sale ordered.
* R. S. Stewart appointed admr. estate of D. F. Hudson.
* Estate of Ann Hicks; sale confirmed.

* John T. McKnight vs Julia A. Pratt et al, continued.
* Michael Halloran vs George T. Scott et ux, continued.
* Joseph Monnig vs Henry Cook alias A. H. Cook et al, continued off docket.
* L. S. McCaffrey and Herman Thompson vs Frank D. La Lanne et al continued.
* Elizabeth Clark vs Henry Gestmeyer, dismissed.
* Margaret Geekemeyer vs city of Ironton, continued.
* Susan Brown vs Phillip Brown dismissed at cost of plaintiff.
* J. Q. Leighty vs J. W. Carrell, continued.
* J. Q. Leighty vs. M. M. Whitman, continued.
* John Sampson vs Rebecca Sampson dismissed at cost of plaintiff.
* The Star B & L Company vs Margaret Wagner, et al. Leave to E. Rouse to answer.
* Allen Wilson vs William Dunfee, et al, continued.
* John T. McKnight survivor vs Margaret Wagner, et al, continued
* The state of Ohio, ex rel, O. C. Clary.
* M. D. vs the Board of Infirmary Directors, leave to answer at once.
* City of Ironton vs the N. & W. Ry., Co., continued.
* Hugh Willis vs James H. Willis was the suilt filed in the clerk’s
office this morning. The suit is a petition for equitable relief.
* The following cases were disposed of by Judge Collings in common pleas court this morning.
* Evan F. Williams vs The Yellow Poplar Lumber company; settled and the costs paid.
* W. A. Connolley vs W. W. Lewis; judgment for plaintiff for $193.15.
* Mary M. Whitman vs Harriet E. Mather; leave to answer in 10 days.
* S. H. Nigh & Bros. Vs the Bremier Lumber Co.; motion to amend petition overruled.
* Eliza Akers vs the C. H. & D. Ry. Co.; motion overruled and
exception, leave until Saturday to answer.
* David A. White vs the W. S. Ransom Grocery Co. et al; demurrer sustained.

* The last will and testament of Mrs. Ernestine Ensinger was
filed for probate today. The will bequeaths all real estate
and $1,000 each to Paul and Edward Horschel, and Emma, Chris
and William Ensinger. All other heirs are to receive $1,000
each in cash and the residue of the estate to be divided equally
among all the heirs. Messrs. Ed. Horschel and Chas. Horn are named administrators.

I. R. October 19, 1899
William Adkins of South Point was fined $26.50 in Squire Henry’s court last Thursday, for assaulting his nephew, Jerry Adkins, with a club.

* At the closing session of this term of Common Pleas court,
criminal cases were disposed as follows:
* State vs John Haley and William Gilchrist, slot machines.
Indictment mollied as to William Haley.
* State vs Jacob Berger and John Truby, selling on Sunday.
Indictment mollied as to Truby.
* State vs E. F. Hannon, John King and James McClain, keeping
open on Sunday. Indictment mollied as to Hannon and King.
* State vs T. H. B. Jones and Albert Albertson, keeping open on
Sunday. Indictment mollied as to Jones.
* Augusta Scarberry vs William Scarberry decree of divorce granted upon payment of costs.
* Florance N. Drayer vs F. M. Searses et al – judgment for plaintiff for $219.90.
* Charles Ellis vs Hester Ellis, Divorce granted upon payment of costs.
* Robert Henderson et al partners in trade as R. Henderson & Co., vs Iron and Steel Co. et al. Judgment for $880 and interest,
given at the April term of Common Pleas court.
* check to see if end of this column.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. Dec. 30, 1899
* Private sale ordered of real estate of John A. Killen.
* Inventory and appraisement of estate of Emily Williams filed.
* John G. Keys administrator of estate of George W. Keys, filed
3rd and final account.
* Will of A. N. Stewart filed.
* Geo. N. Gray exr. estate of W. F. Wilson filed account of final
* Inventory and appraisement of estate of E. W. Curtis filed.
* John Spielvogel declared intention to become a citizen.
* Claims against the estate of W. D. Kelly were ordered compromised by Matthew Anderson exr Patrick Sheridan.
* J. C. Snyder, trustee of M. G. Clay.
* Ro? Saunders exr. Fred Saunders.
* George Staker exr. Joseph Mussick.
* Frank Neekamp admr. John Joseph Rauck.
* Estella May committed to Girl’s Industrial school.