Bits & Pieces: 1897-1898

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns


* Probate Court Sustained. In all but Two Points in the Bickmore
Assignment Case.
* In his decisions rendered Wednesday in the Bickmore assignment case, Judge Dever of the common pleas court sustained the findings of the probate court by allowing the following claims:
* Flossie Corn, pay roll, $132; glass broken, $65.50;
* W. L. Bickmore, for services, $160; claims of W. L. Bickmore of $500 in lieu of a homestead; T. N. Ross, attorney fee $190.
* Lot Davis compensation assignee, $883 (or 383) chattel mortgage of Phoebe Bickmore $1,000; chattel mortgage of Chas. Lintner, trustee of Citizens National Bank $7,000.
* In the disallowance of the chattel mortgage of Wm. M. Kerr, trustee, for $980, the probate court was also sustained.
* In the matter of the allowance of extra compensation to assignee,
the allowance by the probate court of $500
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* J. D. Blakeman vs the St. James Methodist Episcopal church of
Ironton, et al. Action for foreclosure of a mortgage of $100
on the church property, $50 of which is now due, and for the
annulling of a mortgage held by the Board of Church Extension
of the Methodist Episcopal church, a corporation organized under
the laws of Pennsylvania. Johnson and Corn, attorneys.
* Catharine Smith vs. John H. Smith et al, for alimony.
Calvin Reynolds, attorney.

* Geo. W. Keye, guardian of Rosa Hockstep, et al, filed first account.
* In re assignment of J. R. English schedule of liabilities filed.
* In re estate of John Hummel; final receipts filed in lieu of accounts.
* Catharine Smith vs John H. Smith et al for alimony; injunction allowed.
* W. W. Reynolds appointed adm’r of estate of George Clark.
* E. S. Brown, executor of H. S. Brown, filed first account.

IWR Feb. 14, 1897
The Means Estate – In the U. S. Court at Covington, today, in
the case of Wm. Means against other heirs of the Means estate, decision was rendered in favor of Wm. Means, giving him one-fifth interest in the estate.

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* The April term of the probate criminal court convened today.
The following cases are on the docket: For assault and battery:
* Lizzie Pike, Wm. Gill, Silas Dobston, Jos. Brammer;
* provoking breach of peace, Chas. Lewis, Frank Brown;
* peace warrant, Wm. Gladman;
* failure to provide, Wm. Lambert;
* larceny, Jas. Burton.
* Thos. Cooper charged with assualt and battery was tried Tuesday and the jury returned the verdict of guilty. Notice of motion for a new trial was given.
* Joseph Brammer, charged with assault and battery pleaded guilty and was assessed $10 fine and costs.
* The case of Chas. Lewis and Frank Brown, for malicious destruction of property, was dismissed for want of prosecution.
* Wm. Gills, charged with assault and battery upon one George Chinn was fined $3 and the cost.

* Emily Young vs James H. Keys, action to recover on a note, for $00, and interest from Jan. 15, 1889. Corn and Yates attorneys.
* Raymond A. Cooper, vs Mary E. Cooper, for divorce; grounds adultery. Dean and Belcher attorneys.
* In the matter of estate of Thos. C. Campbell; error, from probate court, J. O. Yates attorney.
* The Osborne Co. vs. The Ironton Wood Mantel Co. appeal from Justice Craig’s court; plaintiff claims $32 for plate and calanders furnished to defendant. Dean and Belcher, attorneys.

* A. D. Bruce admr vs John L. Fisher et al, for money; judgment for plaintiff for $68.
* L. R. Andrews, guardian, vs Hattie Schneider et al; for money, verdict for plaintiff for $290.82.
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No Verdict Reached in the Betts-Swartzwood Case. The paternity case of Augusta M. Betts against A. T. Swartzwood of Millersport, which occupied the court this week, resulted in a disagreement by the jury. The case was given to the jury about 3 o’clock Friday afternoon and they wrestled with it all night and until about 9:30 a.m. today, when they reported their inability to agree on a verdict. It is understood that the jury stood two for conviction and ten for acquittal of Swartzwood of the charge. The jury was discharged and court adjourned until September 13th.

I.R. SEPT. 23, 1897 – NEW LAWSUITS
* Elizabeth Bennett vs Lewis Bennett; divorce; charge of cruelty.
* Albert Smith vs Mary E. Fisher; claim $1000 damages by reason of defendant’s dog biting him.
* S. W. Ballard vs Yellow Poplar Lumber Co.; plaintiff claims $10,000 damages in consequence of bodily injuries received while in defendant’s employ.
* J. W. Johnson vs M. E. Ramey; claims $5000 damages, on the ground that defendant who is a physician was so negligent and unskillful in setting a dislocated elbow joint that plaintiff’s fingers are stiff, wrist will not turn, elbow joint can be used but slightly and arm is wasting away.
* Lillie Corn vs Nancy Murnahan; equitable relief.
* Margaret Geiskemeir vs City of Ironton; petition in error; this is the case where the Mayor fined plaintiff $5 and costs for befouling a cistern.

* When the Register went to press last week the case of Charles Shelton vs C. & O. R. R. was before the Court. Verdict for Plaintiff $2148.11. The jury was out about an hour. Motion for new trial.
* Excelsior B. A. vs Mary Henry; judgment for plaintiff $270.36.
* Mary Dudley vs Nellie Corn et al; judgment for $726.70 and sale.
* Second National vs C. Brenning; sale confirmed.
* C. L. Crawford vs A. J. Warren; proceedings dismissed; exceptions.
* S. E. Augustus vs J. H. Simmons et al; sale confirmed.
* Margaret Pugh vs Mary Clary; sale confirmed.
* J. J. Wall vs David W. Wall et al; partition ordered by John Hall,
Jacob Holschuh and Z. Lafon.
* W. D. Jones vs J. D. Jones; sale confirmed; homestead of $500 allowed to T. J. Charlton.
* J. H. Keyes vs W. H. Young; sale confirmed.
* A. Dilly vs C. Tipton et al; judgment for $339.20 and sale confirmed.
* Sales ordered in the cases of T. L. Collett and Second National Bank vs Reuben Lambert, et al.

* Ada Smalley vs J. V. Leighty, damages. Plaintiff claims that the
defendant wrongfully detains a piano from plaintiff to plaintiff’s
damage in the sum of $250, for which judgment is asked, also an order of delivery of the property. T. N. Ross attorney.
* John Ball vs Mrs. Wm. Sullivan at al. Plaintiff asks for the sale
of property to satisfy judgment against defendant in Justice Craig’s
court for $26.77 and for the adjustments of claims of other defendants. C. E. Belcher, attorney.
* Stephen W. Ballard vs The Yellow Poplar Lumber Co., for damages. Plaintiff sue for $1,999 claimed by reason of injuries sustained while employed at the company’s mill on Sept. 29, 1895. A similar suit for $10,100 damages was filed recently. This is withdrawn and a new petition filed, for less amount, in order to prevent it being transferred to the U. S. Court., W. D. Corn and C. A. Thompson attorneys.

* J. C. Neal adm’r off A. Vitito; petition to sell real estate filed.
* Geo. W. Keye, guardian of Reuben Estis, filed 2nd account.
* Frank A. Blake, appointed guardian of Garfield Blake.
* A. G. And L. E. Blake appointed adm’rs of estate of John W. Blake.
* Charles Carey, charged with criminal assault and admitted to bail.
* Chas. Hill, charged with burglary, admitted to bail.
* Application for guardian of Reuben Estes filed.
* M. Hawthorn, executor of Robert Morris filed 1st and final account.

IWR Oct. 23, 1897
The C. H. & D. Ry Co. Defendant in a Suit for $3,000.
Eliza Akers vs the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway Co. Is a suit for damages filed by Attorneys W. D. Corn and C. A. Thompson for plaintiff. Plaintiff’s petition sets forth in substance that she is 65 years old. That on Sept. 11, 1897, she bought a ticket at Mt. Vernon station to No. 1 Tunnel station and took passage on defendant’s train. Being unacquainted with the stations she asked the conductor to notify her when her destination was reached. Instead, it is aversed, the train did not stop at No. 1 station but carried plaintiff beyond it. When this was discovered the train backed up part way and put plaintiff off at the road side in a gutter. That in assisting her to alight the conductor let her fall, whereby she was injured in the shoulder, side and arm. By reason of these injuries and wrongful treatment she was damaged in the sum of $3,000 for which she prays judgment.

I.R. Feb. 03, 1898
Sued – Henry Cook has sued Ironton for $20,000 damages, for injuries received by the caving in of a trench in which he was laying a brick sewer, on Railroad-st., last August, while working for Bryan & Monroe, contractors. He alleges that the city should have seen to it that the conditions were of a secure character. Messrs. Shirkey and Johnson & Corn bring the suit.

* The Grand Jury reported Thursday last. They examined 90 witnesses, covering 40 cases, and found 22 indictments:
* C. Lott vs J. F. Shroeder et al; judgment for $683.65, and foreclosure.
* P. W. Shafer vs A. Pemberton et ux; judgment for $220 and sale.
* Hattie B. Reger vs C. F. Reger; divorce granted for willful absence.
* Belle Massie vs Theodore Massie, divorce granted.
* Wm. Marting Jr., vs The Drayer Lumber Co; finding for plaintiff,
* Sarah F. Spurlock vs James Black et al; defendant enjoined from interfering with road.
* State vs Jos. Gleichauf; two indictments; plead not guilty to selling on Sunday.
* Star B. A. Co vs A. A. Jenkins et al; judgment for $325.25 and
* State vs Marion Josephs; sent to penitentiary for two years for
burglary and larceny.
* State vs Charles Leftridge, William Mitchell, Wesley Bolding; charged with burglary and larceny; Charles Leftridge and William Mitchell sentenced to Ohio Reformatory, Wesley Bolden sentenced to the penitentiary for one year.
* Jack Stitch and Fred Scior charged with selling cigarettes to minor; trial set Feby 21.
* Doke George sent to jail for 10 days and fined $10 for carrying
concealed weapons.
* W. Randolph Mills sentenced to penitentiary for fifteen months for receiving stolen goods.
* Adam Kragle to be tried for shooting to kill or wound, on February 22.
* Willis Gordan to be tried February 21 for burglary and larceny.
* Charles Conaway plead guilty to bigamy and sent to the penitentiary for one year.
* Frank Itals sent to Ohio Reformatory, and Wm. Harris sent to
penitentiary for eighteen months; for burglary and larceny.
* State vs J. W. Reader, sentenced to jail for 10 days and fined $50 for selling liquor on Sunday.