Bits & Pieces: 1896

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

[incomplete] ©Sharon M. Kouns

PROBATE COURT – I.R. JAN. 16, 1896
* Deed of assignment from John J. Brownstead to Martin Schreiber.
* Will of Fredericka Hobstetter filed for probate.
* State vs H. Bicker; fined $1.00 for assault.
* Order of sale issued to S. Sparling admr of Mary Pierce.
L. Vermillion, Thos. Zimmerman, John Pierce, appraisers.
* E. S. Wilson appointed admr of Keturah Dean.
* Andrew Lewis admitted to bail.
* State vs Robt. Hatton; bond to support child given. Sale of real
estate by Lot Davis, assignee, confirmed.

I.R. January 23, 1896
SUED. – Thos. N. Ross has entered suit in the Boyd County court
against the Yellow Poplar Lumber Co. for $3400 attorney fees.
A levy has been made on the company’s mill at Normal. Mr. Ross has been devoting much time in the past year or so to an important case of the company down in Virginia and Tennessee. In fact, for a long time he abandoned his practice here, to devote himself to the affairs of the Yellow Poplar Co.

* Court adjourned last Friday to Monday 6th.
* In case of Heider vs Spanner, the jury disagreed.
* M. G. Clay Treas. Vs H. C. Burr et all; reappraisement ordered.
The property is the Willard residence on Front, and was appraised at $9000.
* Ford Roofing Co vs H. M. Francisco et al; judgment for plaintiff for $551, which amount was in the hands of the city, retained on contract. Mr. Ketter claimed about $400 assigned him by Francisco, on labor account, but the judgment for the Ford Co. was on a recorded lien for material.
* Elizabeth Cochran vs B. Heider et al; judgment by default for
C. Spanner, $160.50.
* Eliza Herity vs A. M. Herity; judgment by default for F. F. Goldcamp exr for $296.75 and foreclosure.
* Wm. Coe vs Yellow Poplar Co; motion for a new trial overruled; judgment on verdict for $76.75.
* A. Stewart vs Forest Dale F. B. Works; judgment by default;
attached property and sold.
* W. M. Kerr et al vs A. S. Cooper at al; judgment for $250.83.
* J. Goldcamp exr vs John Bradshaw et al; judgment for plaintiff $659.83.
* P. Blankenship vs M. Blankenship; divorce granted.
* First National Bank vs E. J. Bird et al; judgment for $2693.34;
also judgment in another case for the bank for $1200.
* R. C. Poage vs J. H. Poage et al; judgment for First National Bank for $2,203.34.

* Pressley Blankenship vs Mahala Blankenship, for divorce; grounds, adultery. Decree granted to Plaintiff, he to pay costs.
* Elizabeth Heider vs Conrad Spanner, for money; the jury in this
case were unable to agree on a verdict and were discharged, and the case continued.
* Coal Grove Bldg. & Loan Assoc. Co. vs Martha de V. O’ Connell, et al, foreclosure; finding for J. A. Fay & Egan Co., for $2,637.50; foreclosure.
* Coal Grove Bldg & Loan Assoc. Co. vs F. J. O’Connell, et al.
* C. W. Reynolds appointed guardian ad litem of Paul Francis de Bang; finding for J. A. Fay & Egan Co., for $2,637.50; foreclosure, order of sale.
* Charles H. Ralph, on application and recommendation of T. N. Ross, was appointed and licensed as an auctioneer.
* Wm. Vaughn vs Ner H. Swartzwelder; continued.
* Robert C. Poage vs James H. Poage et al., attachment; finding for First National Bank of Ironton for $2,203.83 with interest from first day of this term.
* Robert C. Poage vs The Forest Dale Fire Brick and Tile Works,
attachment; finding for plaintiff for $1,170.
* Robert C. Poage vs O. J. Chambers et al, attachment; finding for
plaintiff for $2,260.

COMMON PLEAS – I.R. April 09, 1896
* The February …(need to copy)

* Ella Lunsford committed to Infirmary; insane.
* Will of John S. Hansgen admitted to Probate.
* J. O. Yates, assignee of W. & J. Nixon, granted to sell land.
* J. C. Dillon, W. E. Rowe and John Pierce appointed appraisers
in estate of N. Savony.
* Estate of John H. Kelley; letters to W. H. Willis.
* J. P. Shipton, admr. of the estate of Ruth E. Shipton; notice to heirs.
* George Collins, adm’r of the estate of G. W. Collins, filed inventory.

* T. F. Payne appointed exec’r of A. M. Thornton’s will; widow
elects to take under it; B. A. Smith, L. A. Dawson and Henry Mannon appraisers.
* Dividend of 10 per cent ordered in reassignment of R. W. Wylie.
* W. A. Williams, admr of Lewis estate, filed petition to sell land.

IWR June 6, 1896
Dr. Lowry Sues For that $500 Plum Awarded Him by the Board of Health. Attorney W. D. Corn, employed by the board of health to prosecute suits against the city, filed suit in the common pleas court Friday in behalf of Health Officer Lowry against the city. The health officer by this suit seeks to force the payment of that $500 salary allowed him by the board of health for the year ending the first Monday in May, 1896, but which the city council refuses to pay, on the ground of its illegality. The plaintiff also claims interest on that sum from May 5th, the date of council’s rejection of the bill.

IWR June 6, 1896
The Gambling Note No Good.
In the suit of Capt. T. T. Carr against Dr. Wm. Shattuck to recover $10 on a note, heard in Squire Henry’s court Friday, the court today rendered judgment for the Plaintiff. The court held that the note for $25 which the defendant offered as an offset and which was given by Carr to replace gambling loses, was void.

* H. C. Burr et al, trustees vs Mary M. Witman et al; injunction made perpetual, and the question of validity of the McGovney will reopened as though no former judgment had been made.
* H. Henderson et al vs J. L. Fisher et al; judgment for $95.71 against James Bradshaw’s heirs, the estates of W. H. Enochs and Dennison Massie.
* U. Vaughn vs N. H. Swartzwelder; dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.
* Albert Young vs Mary Young; divorce granted.
* Two cases of Lot Davis as assignee and trustee of W. L. Bickmore, and A. L. O’Connell, and the case of E. G. Scripture, receiver of the Ironton Door Co. brought against Auditor of Lawrence county to enjoin him for adding certain amounts to tax duplicate, as found by the board of equalization; temporary injunction granted.
* Judge James came last Monday and presided.
* The case of the Admr. of R. S. Brown to foreclose the $40,000 mortgage on lots about town consumed Monday and Tuesday. Admr. Cooper of the W. D. Kelly estate seeks to have it declared null on account of fraud.

PROBATE COURT – I. R. July 23, 1896
* Emma Lehman appointed admrx. Of J. Lehman.
* Fred Putzek naturalized.
* Trustee of M. G. Clay ordered to sell growing grass.
* Physician’s certificate filed by E. E. Wells and I. N. Brown.
* Application for allowance first year support, on behalf of widow
of Thomas Campbell.

* Stephen Dillon vs Will J. Davidson, E. M. Davidson, Edward T. Davidson, and Clayton T. Crawford; for money. Amount claimed $325.50 balance on note, and interest, at 8 per cent from Feb. 25, 1890. H. S. Neal
* J. T. McKnight as treasurer vs J. H. Emmons, et al; tax ault
for $24.32. R. B. Miller, attorney.
* Peras R. Polley vs John A. Baldwin et al for $100 and foreclosure of mortgage. Johnson & Corn, attorneys.