Bits & Pieces: 1894-1895

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns


* S. N. Weil & Co vs G. P. Gruber, et al; sale confirmed, deed and distribution ordered.
* Thos. Johnson vs H. C. Jones, et al, judgment by default for
$6,233.99, and for Elizabeth Campbell for $2,525.53, and order of sale.
* Isaac Massie vs Simon Kotovsky; jury disagreed and discharged.
* E. V. Dean vs Sibelia Fink; verdict for plff. For $25.
* State vs Albert Steele; gambling; plea guilty; fined $10.
* State vs Chas. Brown; shooting with intent to kill; plea of not
guilty withdrawn; 3 years in penitentiary.
* State vs Nelson Huron; plea not guilty withdrawn; penitentiary for three years.
* State vs James Hale; plea not guilty; trial March 13.
* State vs Joseph Graber; plea guilty to selling on Sunday; $50 fine
and ten days in jail; indictment for keeping open on Sunday nollied.
* State vs Jos. Gleichauf; plea of not guilty withrawn; $30 fine and
10 days in jail; the other indictment nollied.
* State vs Chas. Nelson; plea of not guilty withdrawn and plead guilty to shooting to wound; penitentiary for two years.
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* The court was in session half a day last Monday, and reconvenes today, Wednesday.
* In the cases of Jackson Ullom and John Waugh against the Lawrence County Commissioners, for balance claimed on turnpike work, the court gave judgment for the defendants.
* Estes vs Pancake; new trial granted, whereupon the plaintiff dismissed the case.
* Petition to sell Rome chapel parsonage lot, for cemetery purposes granted.
* Ferry licenses allowed as follows: M. L. Beckett, Athalia; J. M.
Blankenship, Cox’s Landing; H. C. Waters and S. Dillon, Coryville.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 14, 1895
* Addie Ratcliff committed to Children’s Home.
* W. A. Williams, assignee of Small & Co., filed report of private
sale and asked extension of time of sale which was granted for 30 days.
* Sale of property by J. O. Yates, adm’r of W. L. Yingling, confirmed.
* Myrtle Wall appointed guardian of Fannie Wall et al.
* C. J. Kuhner, gdn of Samuel Wolf, filed statement in lieu of account.
* F. M. Reckard, adm’r of M. K. Becket, filed petition to sell real

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 21, 1895
* Will of Leonard Hawkins admitted to probate.
* W. W. Wiseman, adm’r of W. A. Powell, filed final statements and receipts.
* Thos. Hamilton, adm’r de bonis non of W. H. Enochs, filed first and final account.
* In the will of James Davidson, testimony of Harland P. Hall and Cyrus Thomspon of St. Paul, Minn., filed by J. M. Hawthorn, Commissioner.
* J. Davidson, gdn of Wm. Sheridan, filed 4th account.

* Jno. Smiley vs Lindsey Kelly; judgment for plaintiff $292.
* Jno. Wallace vs Margaret Fellure; sale confirmed.
* Esther Dovel vs Lindsey Kelly; verdict set aside and case referred to master commissioner.
* Maria Kerns vs the City of Ironton; verdict for plaintiff $317.
* Coalgrove B. A. vs J. G. deBang, trustee, judgment for plaintiff
$384.41; also, judgment against J. G. deBang et al for $671.24.
* Theodore Neekamp vs J. Duncan et al; sale confirmed.
* Henry Miller vs Hattie Sneider et al finding by default for $253;
sale confirmed.
* N. K. Moxley vs Jos. Vaugn judgment for plaintiff $28.80; and for Swartzwelder for $585; order of sale.
* F. J. O’Connell vs The Ironton Door Co.; report of receiver approved. All claims of 90 days prior to receiver ordered paid.
* Z. T. Collier; divorce granted.
* Harriet E. Burr vs C. R. Crawshaw:
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* Annie Corum vs. James Corum, divorce granted.
* Jennie B. Peters vs. T. B. Ball; demurrer of plaintiff sustained.
* Henry Myers vs. Americus Weekly, judgment for plaintiff, $327.80
* Frederick Cronacher vs. F. A. Cronacher; allowance to defendant’s wife $500 in lien of homestead out of proceeds of sale.
* Malissa Currington vs. J. A. Currington; divorce granted; the care of minor children given to plaintiff.
* Peter Fetter vs the Metroplitan Life Ins. Co.; judgment of $674.58
for plaintiff.
* G. W. Sandford vs Joseph Mays; sale confirmed.
* Albert Barnes vs. C. H. & D. R. R.; motion for a new trial overruled, and defendants excepts.
* W. E. Massie vs the C. H. & D. R. R.; Demurrer to petition sustained. Judgment for defendant for costs.

* In estate of Chilton Wood, $100 allowed widow and $75 to minor child for year’s support.
* In the case of exceptions to second account of Austin and Burr,
trustees of Thos. McGovney; exceptions overruled and account settled.
* Philip Riter appointed adm’r of estate of Bertha Geser.
* R. L. Meers, guardian of Mary Saylor, and T. H. Burton, admr.
of A. J. Jones, final account.
* In the estate of Jas. Bradshaw, appeal bond of widow filed;
private sale of personal property confirmed.
* B. Butterfield, guardian of Ann Baxter, filed account.
* Exceptions to account of guardian of Samuel Wolf filed.
* In the estate of W. D. Kelly; exceptions to final account of
J. F. Austin filed.
* Order of sale to Lawson Drury, admr of James Alexander.
* In the estate of Lorana Willis; waiver of heirs filed; appraisers,
Henry Moots, Jos. Boyd and H. S. Brammer.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. AUG. 01, 1895
* Widow filed answer in re estate of Chilton Woods.
* Injunction allowed in case of Susan Markin vs Chas. Markin.
* Exceptions to account of J. F. Austin, admr. to be heard Aug. 10.
* Sale ordered in the estate of Lorena Willis.
* Pearl Young made assignment to Ezra Dean, C. H. Moore, E. O. Arnold and C. W. Henry appraisers.
* Daniel Guygan admitted to bail.
* Thos. Anson appointed admr. of Caroline Collier.
* Reports of assets and liabilities in the assignments of L. and
I. A. Kelly.

* J. H. Deering, admr. W. M. Martin, sale confirmed.
* Sale confirmed in case of R. W. Blankenship, admr. of Lorana Willis.
* Sale reported in case of Ezra Dean, Assignee of Pearl Young.
* Margaret S. McConn appointed guardian of Margaret McLean.
* Will of Ella N. Perry admitted to probate.
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I.R. November 21, 1895
L. D. Markin, as administrator of the estate of W. D. Kelly,
offered for sale last Saturday, fifteen pieces of property, of which
only two were sold – The Exchange Bank building to D. H. Clark for $1600, and lot 229 on the east side of 5th street to John Mahle for #387. 229 is the second lot below the corner opposite the Kelly barn. There were no bids on the rest of the property, which included other lots in that square, and the entire square known as the Kelly homestead.

I.R. November 21, 1895
The City of Ironton allowed Jesse Dillon $2,000 on his Third street
contract. Jesse claimed $6600. And this difference of opinion resulted in a lawsuit, which closed last Saturday night with a verdict for $461 for the plaintiff. In this case, Mr. Dillon claimed the City Engineer did not make correct measurements, or allow him for the real amount of material he put on; that was a $4000 discrepancy between the actual amount of material required in the contract and the estimates of the Engineer. The case occupied some time in its trial. J. L. Anderson assisted Solicitor Rea, for the city. A. R. Johnson appeared for the Plaintiff. Motion by city for a new trial.