Bits & Pieces: 1892

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

* Wills of Gerhardt and Anna M. Kruse probated.
* Isadore Goldcamp appointed Exr. Of Gerhardt Kruse. Bond $15,000.
* John S. Goldcamp appointed Exr. Of Anna M. Kruse. Bond $1,500.
* Ella Oridoff committed to the reform school for girls.
* Sarah Spencer sent to reform school for girls.
* R. R. Miller Adm’r de bonis non of Owen Sheridan (?) filed first
and final account.
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NEW SUITS – I.R. FEB. 11, 1892
* There have been 14 suits filed by the Treasurer against delinquent tax payers in the past week. The defendants in these suits are Martin Wilson, Cyrus Callicote, J. W. Belcher, J. F. Schroeder, Polly Penn, Stephen Smith, Julius Terry, John Cutright, Joseph Chinn, Nancy Smith, John Armstrong, Henry W. Miller, Jerry Earles, Ephraim Osborn and Margaret Adair.
* The Building Committee of St. Josephs Church brought suit for damages against T. S. Murray, M. Stanton, John Gallaher and James M. Moore. The damages claimed is $4984.37 by reason of non-performance of contract on the church.
* L. M. Sheets as adm’r of F. Fowler vs R. W. Wylie, for money.
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PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 18, 1892
* Jerry J. Davidson assignee of J. D. Davidson, bond filed.
* John S. Robinson’s will probated.
* Jed B. Bibbee, trustee vs John S. George et al petition and
precipe filed.
* State vs E. Werner, admitted to bail.
* M. Heighton adm’r of John Heighton, 1st and final account filed.
* J. J. Davidson assignee of J. D. Davidson inventory filed.
* Helen Ricker, trustee vs Adeline Ricker et al; petition to sell
real estate filed.
* E. F. Williams exr of John Bode petition to sell land filed.
* W. B. Flower, adm’r Francis Flower, inventory and additional bond filed.

* Notice is hereby given that the following accounts have been
filed for settlement and will be for hearing on April 11.
* First account of W. A. Campbell, adm’r of Wm. Drury.
* First account of Jeremiah Davidson, adm’r of F. Disterdick.
* First account of John A. Jones, adm’r of Timothy Friley.
* First account of M. L. Becket, adm’r of Abram Miller.
* First account of Charles Lintner, ex’r of Lawrence Lutz.
* First and final account of William Johnson, adm’r of Nancy Darling.
* First and final account of M. L. Becket, adm’r of J. M. Becket.
* First account of Solomon Phillips, guardian of W. T. and
Joseph E. Wallace.
* First and final account of John A. Jones, adm’s of George W. Sparling.
* First and final account of Elisa Langdon, ex’r E. G. Langdon.
* First account of P. S. Hart, ex’r of J. F. Brie (or Bric)
* Second account of John Price, adm’r of David Price.
* First and final account of J. N. Bimpson, guar. of Elizabeth Bimpson.
* First account of Jeremiah Davidson, guard. of William and
Francis Sheridan.
* Second acct. Of James M. Moore, trustee of Wm. H. Anderson.
* First account of Amos Justice, guard. of James E. Engle.
* Third and final account of Hiram Campbell, guard of Mary E.
and Mildred Campbell.
* Second account of D. B. Gray, guard. of Jennie E. and Minnie M. Hood.
* First account of James Silliman, guard of John H. And Olive M. Silliman.
* First account of E. B. Fields, guard of James C. Fields.
* Second and final account of W. W. Wiseman, guard of Llewellyn Notter.
* Statement of account of William Brammer, deceased, guard of Coyle heirs.

* J. C. Adair vs Hannah Werner et al. Finding by default for
plaintiff for $808.11 and foreclosure of mortgage.
* The Standard Building Association Co vs C. Akers et ux; finding
for Mary L. Neal by default for $59.50 and foreclosure of mortgage.
* The State of Ohio vs John Duty; indictment for shooting at one Isaac Ross with intent to kill or wound; verdict guilty. Sentenced to the penitentiary for a period of two years.
* State of Ohio vs Isaiah Jones; sentenced to the penitentiary for
eight years for burglary.
* The State of Ohio vs John Rowe and Henderson Jackson; indicted for burglary and larceny. This is a case where the accused broke into Mr. Peyton’s chicken house, at Coal Grove, and stole eight chickens; plead guilty and each sentenced to the penitentiary for a term of three years.
* The State of Ohio vs Jesse Fillinger; indicted for manslaughter.
This is the case in which the accused rode his horse through a crowd of school children, out in Lawrence Township some time last fall, and killed a little girl by the name of Sarah Huddle; verdict guilty; sentenced to the penitentiary for two years.

* Convened at the Court House Tuesday; present, Hons. Thomas Cherrington, Milton L. Clark and Daniel A. Russell. There are seven cases on the docket as follows:
* In the matter of the estate of William Belcher, deceased vs. Owen Ellison, Trustee; error.
* John G. Apel vs The City of Ironton; error.
* The Dayton Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway Co vs Daniel A. Fletcher; error.
* Dages, Andrews & Co vs Joseph A. Raine, Julia B. Raine and D. H. Clark; appeal.
* Cambridge C. Clark vs Jacob Fink et al; appeal.
* Andrews, Bates & Co vs Hugh Keogh; appeal.
* Ellen Butler vs Jonathan Morris and D. C. Wilson; appeal.
* The cases of Clark vs Fink et al, and Butler vs Morris & Wilson
were continued.

I.R. March 10, 1892
W. G. Ward, Deputy Sheriff, took Hiram Suiter to the Cincinnati
workhouse, Friday.

Ironton Register, March 10, 1892
Sheriff Gates took four convicts to the Penitentiary, Saturday;
John Duty, shooting at Isaac Ross with intent to wound, was given
two years; Isaac Jones, for burglarizing the Children’s Home, was
given a term of eight years hard labor; John Rowe and Henderson
Jackson, for breaking into a chicken house, and stealing eight chickens at Coal Grove, from a Mr. Peyton, were each given a sentence of three years.

* Will of George W. Thompson admitted to probate.
* Beckett vs Miller; sale confirmed, deed ordered.
* Edward Kitts, appointed guardian of Allen D. Roach.
* Application filed for probate will of John Alexander.
* State vs E. Werner; assault and battery; guilty. Fine and costs
$77.47, committed til paid.
* State vs Joe Green; neglecting to support minor child. Guilty;
order that the sentence be suspended during each time as he pay $1.00 per week.
* Smith against Smith; John Hamilton appointed guardian “ad litem.”

* Will of G. F. Buchanan filed for probate.
* Copy of will of James Haskell admitted to probate.
* McFadden vs Ales; sale and appraisement ordered.
* R. B. Miller, adm’r of Mary Cooper, filed 1st and final account.
* Rachel V. Clarke adm’r of Geo. Clarke filed 2nd and final account.

* The state of Ohio vs. Caroline Schmidt; selling liquor on Sunday;
sentenced to the jail of the county for ten days and to pay a fine
of fifty dollars and stand committed till paid.
* State of Ohio vs Mary R. Schachleiter; renting room to be used as a gambling room; plea guilty; fined $50.
* Martha E. Smith vs. Scott Bragg, constable, et al, judgment in favor of defendant O. J. Reynolds for damages and costs.
* Augustus Scrader vs. John A. Snider; finding for plaintiff against
John A. and Caroline Snider; finding for defendant Frederick Heffner protecting his mortgage; attachment dismissed; deed of John A. Snider to Caroline Snider set aside; sale ordered; notice of appeal; $200.

Ironton Register, March 24, 1892
The case of Feder et al vs Cook and Morgan, occupied the court all Saturday and Monday, and was one of great interest to the attorneys. A similar case to this one is pending in court, but the lawyers in that case will change sides and they are each trying to profit by the labor of the others in this suit. They will exchange speeches on that occasion, we presume.

Ironton Register, March 31, 1892
Two very important suits were filed in the Common Pleas Court, Tuesday.
They are the suits of John Means, Mary A. Adams, and Margaret A. Means vs. William Means et al, praying for partition of all the estate of Thomas Means. There are quite a number of defendants and much interest is being awakened. The suits were brought by Mr. Anderson.

* Thomas McDowell adm’r of George Spears; sale bill filed.
* J. D. Foster, ex’r of Wm. Kerr, sale bill filed.
* J. D. Foster, appointed adm’r of Jos. Chinn.
* Joseph Fisher appointed adm’r of Jacob Wise.
* C. L. White and Elizabeth White appointed adm’rs of John F. White.
* Alexander McCall adm’r de bonis non of I. M. Gilruth, filed final
* Wm. H. Arthur, guardian of David Clarke, imbecile, filed final account.

* C. L. Pixley guardian Nellie Pixley et al, second account filed.
* A. R. Dempsey, guardian E. A. Dempsey third account filed.
* Constanta Scherer appointed executrix of Michael Scherer.
* Will of Howard Davidson probated.
* John Tate admitted to bail.
* Joseph Fisher adm’r of J. Wise, inventory filed.
* M. F. Payne appointed guardian of Alexander Royer, et al.
* J. J. Davidson assignee J. D. Davidson, petition to sell real
estate filed.

* Nelson E. Murphy vs Ephraim Massie and C. T. Massie, damages.
* Nancy Thomas vs Henry Pancake and Mary Pancake; relief.
* George W. Keys as Receiver, vs The Rockwood Mining Co., and R. B. Willis, Admr.; relief.
* Mary M. Witman vs Frank Neekamp; foreclosure.
* Thomas Morford vs Eliza A. Morford; divorce.
* Yellow Poplar Lumber Co. vs N. & W. R. R. Co.; injunction.

PROBATE COURT – I. R. April 21, 1892
* Mahala Smith vs Hallas Smith; sale reported, confirmed and deed ordered.
* State of Ohio vs Andrew Waddle; adjudged insane.
* John J. Davis appointed guardian of Chas Sands.
* I. F. Gillen, adm’r of John Hagemar, inventory and sale bill filed.

* Will of Wilhelmina Heidorn admitted to probate and record.
* Lydia Deering, executrix of James Deering; 1st account filed.
* F. H. Goldcamp, executor of Fred Monnig; 1st account filed.

* Emma D. Pemberton re-committed to the Athens Asylum.
* C. L. and Elizabeth C. white adm’rs of J. F. White, inventory and sale bill filed.
* Edward Brammer guardian of Edmund Brammer, first and final account filed.
* J. R. Cooper appointed School Examiner of Lawrence county.
* James O’Keefe appointed guardian of George Mowery, an alleged imbecile.

Ironton Register, May 26, 1892 – CRIMINAL CASES
Court will take up the criminal cases next Friday and Monday. It will require much time as there are only four cases, all the other accused persons having plead guilty. Three of the cases are for illegal sale of liquor; and one the McDaniel case, of assault with intent to kill Minnie Hayes at Hanging Rock.

* Daniel McDaniels, who was convicted of assault with intent to kill was sentenced to fifteen years in the Ohio Penitentiary. This is the highest sentence provided by law, for that offense.
* D. B. Gray vs City of Ironton; verdict for $200 with interest
from February 1888. The amount claimed was $900 and interest.
This was the second trial of the case. In the first trial the jury
awarded $100 damages. The claim was based on alleged damages to the plaintiff’s residence by reason of the grading and fill of Olive st. There was a motion for a new trial by plaintiff.
* J. R. Frampton vs. Steam Ferry Co.; finding for defendant and judgment for costs.
* J. R. Specher vs. J. A. Raine; judgment for plaintiff, $1723.37.
* Alice E. Cook vs Cook & Morgan; finding for plaintiff —-dollars. (not disclosed)
* Lillie G. Amos vs. B. Butterfield, partition ordered; M. Halloran,
Aaron Winters and Henry Pancake, commissioners to make partition.
* G. W. Keye vs. V. L. Jordon; judgment by default for $78.20 and order of sale of attached property.
* Blake & Co. vs. Alice Husk; finding for plaintiff by default for
$161.50, for G. W. Sanford; order of sale.

* Mary R. Schubart adm’x of A. Schubart, final account filed.
* F. Cronacher, guardian of Anna Stein, final account filed.
* Henry S. Neal, adm’r. of Ann Rafferty, final account filed.
* W. H. Valentine, adm’r. of Louis Valentine, final account filed.
* Jacob Seyler, jr. adm’r. of Jacob Seyler, inventory filed.
* State vs. Albert Steele, jury demanded, cause certified to
Common Pleas Court.
* P. C. Booth appointed administrator of Frederick Hauptreif.

* Court resumed session Tuesday and continued that day. Adjourned till this Thursday. The following cases were disposed of:
* J. W. Downey vs J. B. Smith; sale confirmed.
* Barnard & Leas Manf’g Co. vs John H. Magee et al; finding for
W. E. Rowe for $1908 and interest, and finding for other amounts
according to priorities as by record; motion of appeal; bond $500.
* E. W. Oviatt vs W. F. Patterson; judgment for plaintiff for $2500.
* Lilly G. Amos vs B. Butterfield; report of appraisers and sale ordered.
* Rettie Dawson vs John Dawson; divorce granted.
* Also divorce granted in case of Sarah A. Griffith vs William Griffith.
* Geo. W. Keye, receiver, vs Rockwood Mining Co.; finding for adm’r of W. G. Frampton for $980 and order of sale.
* Jos. Fisher vs. A. J. Apel et al.; judgment for plaintiff by default
for $337; finding for Hugh Russell $69; order of sale.
* Jonathan Morris vs V. L. Jordan; finding by default for $130.92; and order of sale.
* In matter to surrender lease of school lot 4, section 16, in
Symmes tp.; lease surrendered and appraisement ordered. Appraisers, W. W. Wiseman, Jefferson Hatfield and Samuel Hatfield. Same as to lot No. 5.

* In session last Monday
* Standard B. A. vs Thos. H. Moffett et ux; sale confirmed.
* Hughes Bros. Mfg. Co. vs F. J. O’Connel; removed to U. S. Court.
* Barnard & Leas Mfg. Co. vs J. H. McGee et al; attachment for
contempt against J. H. McGee; dismissed.
* Newman & Spanner vs J. G. Apel et al; W. A. Williams appointed
Receiver. Bond $500.
* J. A. Turley, treas. Vs. Edmund Adkins; sale confirmed.
* C. Hall admr. Vs. Wm. Johnson et al; sale set aside.
* H. S. Neal vs H. R. Brown; judgment by default for plaintiff, $1304.95.
* Wm. Bay vs. Geo. B. Cochrane et all; finding for plaintiff against
Geo. B. Cochrane with Emily Cochrane as surety for $803.85, and against Emily Cochrane with Geo. Bay as surety for $132.45. Order of sale.
* In the matter of the application to surrender perpetual lease,
of lots 1 and 2, section 16, Union Township, ordered that lessees
be permitted to surrender lands. Appraisers, Martin Templeton,
Joel Earls and Joshua Kite.
* In matter of application to sell Welch Congregational church, sale ordered.
* Court adjourned sine die.

* B. F. Cory vs. W. W. Lambert; judgment for $168.
* H. S. Brammer vs. Lurania McGirr; judgment for $70.30 by default, and sale of mortgaged premises.
* State vs. Lafe Large; sentenced to penitentiary 10 years for burglary. Geo. Delong and Richard Hunt sentenced to two years each in same case.
* State vs. Chas. Kurtz; selling liquor on Sunday; found guilty.
* Thos. C. Smith vs. I. F. Gillen; partition ordered by Stephen Dillon, John Paul and John Banks.
* State vs. Wm. Ferguson; found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary.
* In the case of the conviction of Kurtz for selling liquor on Sunday, two Cincinnati lawyers, Thos. Shay and Thos. Hogan appeared on the scene and filed a motion in arrest of judgment on the grounds that the indictment was defective, the jurors improperly constituted, errors in admission of evidence and various other reasons of this sort. The motion is to be heard next Friday.
* State vs. A. Mace; sentenced to 20 days in jail and to pay a fine
of $100, for corruptly influencing a witness. The charge was that
the defendant influenced a witness, Minnie White, in the case of the
State vs. Thos. Sinnott, to leave the state and remain until after
Sinnott’s trial.
* State vs. John Pinkerman; fined $10 and costs for gambling.
* State vs. Ham McGarvey; fined $10 and costs for gambling.
* State vs. L. L. Holliday; sentenced to 10 days in jail and pay a
fine of $50, for selling liquor on Sunday.
* State vs. Mary A. Whitten; contempt, fined $10 and costs.
* In the matter of the insolvency of Lucian Adkins, the petition is
dissolved, because it was represented that Adkins had $500 in personal property at the time the petition was filed.
* Mary J. Sowards et al, vs Mary Burgess et al; title to land in
dispute found in the defendants.

* H. Murphy vs. J. Scarberry; judgment for plaintiff $138.28? and sale ordered.
* W. S. Carey vs. Mary Carey; divorce granted for wilful absence.
* J. M. Brammer vs. Amos Brammer; partition by Commissioners approved. Parties elect to take first five tracts and sixth tract to be sold.
* Saylor vs. Saylor; report of Commissioners confirmed and sale ordered.
* Sale of Welch Congregational confirmed. Remainder of proceeds after paying costs and debt to be paid to the First Congregational church.