Bits & Pieces: 1880-1888

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

* George C. Berlin appointed guardian of John W. Steed.
* N. K. Moxley guardian of W. L. Ellison, filed final account.
* C. Ellison, Ex’r of J. Ellison, filed 3d account; also, ordered
to sell stocks at private sale.
* Margaret Staid appointed guardian of James Staid.
* S. Richards filed final receipts of his ward. P. Housen.
* W. S. Forgey, Ex’r of A. Forgey, filed final account.

* Edmund Brammer adm’r of Wm. Miller, field settlement.
* Wm. Zimmerman, admr of A. Zimmerman, filed petition to sell land.

* Maj. Cherrington was appointed Assistant Prosecutor, and is now on duty in that position conducting the trial of the State cases.
* John K. Richards and F. W. Hussey were appointed official
stenographers of the Court for the term of three years.
* In our report last week, in noticing the case of Louis Sanns v Amelia A. Simon, executrix, our typer got the latter name Sisson, which, of course, was incorrect. The property alluded to was the Simon business house on Second-st.
* Giles Callecote, plead guilty of gaming and was fined $2; Lewis Dawson, same.
* David Haskins plead guilty to selling liquor unlawfully and fined $10.
* Wm. Stewart vs A. Morrison; judgment for plaintiff, $54.83.
* F. W. Gordon vs W. G. Lambert; report of Master confirmed and distribution ordered.
* F. Hayes, guardian, vs L. W. Murdock; nonsuited.
* Mary Marks vs Jacob Marks; divorce granted and care of child
given to plaintiff.
* R. M. Bishop & Co. vs C. W. & A. S. McCaffrey; judgment for plaintiff, $115.
* J. S. Keeny vs. William Willis, et al; sale confirmed.
* S. F. White vs Mattie Clark, et al; partition ordered; T. W. Rose, Henry Enochs and D. Taylor to make partition.
* Abram Moore vs J. C. Dillon; judgment for plaintiff; $165.75; and sale ordered.
* State vs H. Doerr; found guilty of stabbing Geo. Jackson, with intent to kill.
* State vs. Joseph Bush; found guilty of rape.
* Dominic Werner, plead guilty of selling liquor unlawfully and was
fined $10.
* John Rotenbicker, fined $10 for same offense.
* James Warren, $10 for same offense.
* State vs Young and Clouse; charged with robbery; verdict, not guilty.
* State vs. Thos. Braughton; a. and b. with intent to kill; found guilty of assault only.
* State vs Jas. Fane; petit larceny; fined $10.
* State vs James Lane; found guilty of arson – burning Isaac Massie’s barn.
* John Artice vs Elizabeth Pine; judgment for defendant.
* Matilda E. Hankins vs W. B. Kearnes; defendant found guilty and ordered
to pay $400 to plaintiff – $50 cash and $50 every six months.
* Nannie E. Mathews vs Chas. Mathews; petition dismissed.
* J. H. McGee, et ux. of Mary Crooks; neither party taking at valuation, sale ordered.
* Peter Spears vs A. Miller, et al; judgment for plaintiff, $207.30
* Henry Estes, et al, plead guilty of gaming and fined $2.
* C. Snyder, fined $10 for selling liquor unlawfully.
* Lots Pusey et all fined $5 for selling liquor.
* State vs. Allensworth and Richmond; charged with stealing pig iron, verdict of guilty for Allensworth, and property stolen assessed at $63; not guilty as to Richmond.
* State vs John Lemley; charge of rape and verdict of not guilty.
* State vs Samuel Lemley; charge of horse stealing; verdict, not guilty.

* Geo. N. Gray, guardian of May Venters, filed first account.
* Jos. Tredell, guardian of Joseph Stagmier, vs Anton Abele; sale ordered and appraisement filed.
* Geo. Peters, Assignee of Bird, Peters & Co. appraisement ordered; Geo. T. Scott, E. McMillin and Henry Pancake, appraisers.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. OCT. 04, 1883
* Samuel Cade, guardian of W. S. Mount, report of sale and deed ordered.
* Aliemong Bear & Co vs A. J. Brown, Jno. Neal and Walter Neal; proceedings in aid of execution; continued to Oct. 15, at 10 a.m. Same in case of Jno. Gates & Co. vs A. J. Brown et al.
* Thos. Golden, admr. of S. James, filed last account.

* 4271. Shinkle and Krels vs Wm. G. Robinson; appeal from judgment of J. P.
* 4272. Trustees of Symmes Tp vs Henry Wilson Miller and Wella Smith; appeal from judgment of J. P.
* 4274. In the matter of a petition to sell Bradrick chapel; petition
of Trustees to sell Bradrick Chapel.

* Will of Samuel McKee, deceased, admitted to probate.
* Wm. Johnson, admr. de bonis non with will annexed of Alice White, petitioned to sell land, which was ordered at private sale.
* W. H. H. Miller appointed guardian of estate of Ada Miller, et al.

* Permelia Lady vs C. C. Snyder, et al; suit for damages; jury disagreed.
* Phillip S. Justice et al vs David Ward, et al; partition ordered;
finding for $487.57, in favor of Hecla I. & M. Co., and order of sale.
* Wilson vs Snyder; dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.
* Wm. Nolte, Jr. Vs Permelia Lady et al; judgment for plaintiff, $61.72.
* Frank Demarro vs Isaac Blackwell; judgment for defendant.
* S. W. Morris assignee of Kell & Davis, vs James Mulhern;
finding for P. S. Hart admr of O. Sheridan for $54.10.
* State vs P. McCann; verdict of guilty of assault and battery.
* State vs Thos. O’Keefe; verdict of guilty of assault and battery.
* Ferry license granted to Julia H. Macown at Petersburg.
* State vs Geo. Ossenten; verdict of guilty of killing Samuel Hensley.
* State vs Jas. Quigley; verdict of guilty of burglarizing John Rodes’ saloon.
* In the matter of the dissolution of the Monitor Furnace Co., final
distribution ordered.
* Mayes vs Gore, et al; reappraisement ordered.
* Jno. H. Gerlach vs L. Valentine; judgment by default for $155.26.
* State vs Jas. McDavitt; verdict of not guilty.
* State vs Phillip Stokes; indictment quashed, defendant remanded.
* State vs Scott Neal; arraigned; plea not guilty.
* State vs. A. J. Brown; liquor selling; nolle entered.
* State vs. J. W. Milloch; horse stealing; plea of not guilty
withdrawn and plea of guilty entered.
* State vs. Arnold; (same as Milloch)
* State vs. Alf Clark; verdict of guilty of assault and battery.
* State vs Wm. Powell; verdict of guilty of assault and battery and
not guilty of attempt to commit rape.

I.R. DEC. 10, 1885 – SENTENCED.
As we go to press, the Court is sentencing the prisoners, eight
of whom go to the penitentiary as follows: Geo. W. Riley, shooting
with intent to kill, 2 yrs.; Chas. Schmidt, same charge, 1 yr.; Wm.
Sutton, rape, 2 yrs.; Dennison, Short and Nance, burglary, 2 years; Harparee, one yr.; Mrs. Kidwell, bigamy, 1 year.

* Henry Rice vs Jas. T. Davis, et al; T. H. B. Jones appointed Receiver to take charge of property.
* Jas. Townsend vs Wm. Massie; finding for plaintiff for $120.40, and for Thos. Johnson for $303.75 and order of sale.
* J. L. Anderson, Trustee vs Hannah Urick; finding for plaintiff for
$1897.91 and for C. C. Clarke, $896.58 and order of sale.
* Abner Dilley vs R. E. Neal, et al; finding for the State of Ohio
for use of Lawrence County for $163.24 and order of sale.
* Amos Webb vs Wm. Massie et al; finding for Mary A. Dudley for $212.95;
sale confirmed, deed ordered and proceeds distributed.
* T. J. W. Rogers vs Lucy Rogers, et al; report of Commissioner
confirmed and deed ordered.
* H. S. Neal, Assignee, etc., vs Samuel Richards, et al; sale confirmed and deed ordered.
* Donald C. Brown vs Jas. A. Turley, et al; plaintiff ordered to give security for costs in 40 days; finding for Margaret Kimball for
$2502.69 and order of sale.
* Sarah Smith vs Asberry Moore; judgment for plaintiff setting aside deed; judgment for defendant for $64.76.
* Geo. Wilson vs Louis Schneider, et al; judgment by default for
plaintiff for $—.
* C. Ellison, adm’r, etc., vs Jas. M. Dean, et al; sale confirmed,
deed ordered and proceeds distributed.

* M. B. Ryan, guardian of Sarah Mowery, resigned.
* Elizabeth Thomas appointed adm’x of D. M. Thomas.
* Nancy Stewart sent to Insane Asylum.
* T. J. Brady, guardian M. Sheridan, ordered to sell land.
* Thos. McGovney, guardian of Mary McGovney filed final account(?).
* J. H. Gholson, appointed
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* Flora J. Porter vs. J. Morris; motion for a new trial overruled.
* G. W. Londerman adm’r vs. J. F. Bussey; judgment for defendant for costs.
* Hecla Iron Co. vs E. Klein et al; judgment for plaintiff of $285.50.
* Wm. Nolte, Jr. Vs Jane Mitchel et al; judgment of $81.16 for plaintiff.
* Jane Pinkerman vs Geo. Fawbush; dower assigned $35.
* Emma Davidson vs J. L. Fisher, Sheriff; damage of $625 to plaintiff.
* J. M. Strobel vs. H. R. Brown; judgment for plaintiff $1446.
* Eastern Ironton Building Assn’ vs Elizabeth Wittenberg; sale confirmed.
* R. G. Chase & Co. Vs J. N. Rainey; the magistrate affirmed and judgment for defendant, in error.
* Jennie Bailey vs Daniel Neal et al; verdict for plaintiff $1000.

* W. E. Smith, guardian of Handley heirs filed first account.
* J. H. Gholson, adm’r of Lydia Martin, ordered to sell land.
* State vs. Elva Bowen; selling intoxicated liquor to a minor;
sentenced to ten days in jail and to apya fine of $25 with costs
making in all $75, and stand committed. This case came up from Marion.
* Martin Carey and wife adopted Bertha Stephenson.
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* I. F. Gillen appointed guardian of Frank A. and Martin H. Gillen.
* J. T. McKnight appointed adm’r de bonis non of F. Lautenbach.
* John A. Jones, adm’r of T. Friley, filed inventory.
* Chas. W. Austin, guardian of Geo. W. and Sallie K. Austin,
filed 4th account.

* John Phillips, guardian of minor children of John D. Walter
dec’d filed final account.

I.R. Oct. 13, 1887
Richard Bare is in the lockup for stealing a cow belonging to
David Frazier at Hanging Rock, Monday night, Oct. 3. Mr. Frazier
pursued the thief to Huntington, where the cow was sold for $25.
Mr. Frazier got his cow. Bare was taken to Huntington for recognition, Saturday, and he was identified as the man who sold the cow.

MAYOR’S COURT- I.R. OCT. 13, 1887
* The Mayor fined Jas. Trodden $50 last Monday for abusing his family.

I.R. November 3, 1887
The President has ordered a reduction of W. S. Kirker’s term of
imprisonment from five to three years. The three years will expire
next February.

* The District Court adjourned last Thursday. The following cases were disposed of.
* John Q. Haskins vs Jesse Massie, adm’r; judgment reversed overruling motion to set sale aside and sale confirmed.
* Elizabeth Bruce vs Julia A. Bruce; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs.
* John Jones vs Nannie Kelly; decree for plaintiff; motion for new
trial overruled; exceptions.
* Daniel Neal vs Jane Bailey; finding for defendant; judgment affirmed, no penalty.
* Floyd Tracy & Co. vs Emma Davidson; judgment reserved at costs of defendant in error.
* P. S. Hart, rec. vs 2nd Nat. Bank; judgment affirmed; plaintiff
* Nannie Kelly vs White & Ashcraft; judgment reversed and remanded at cost of defendant.
* John Hayes, Treas. vs Mary Dudley; dismissed at plaintiff’s costs
without prejudice.

Auditor Bartram presented the annual report of the County Commissioners.
The Court appointed John Hamilton, T. N. Ross and the Prosecutor to examine it and report.
The Grand Jury reported having examined 62 witnesses covering 21 cases, and presented 8 bills – one for burglary against Chas. Hall; one for robbery against Litteral and Nethercutt; one for receiving stolen property against Susan Owrey; one against three Vittitoes for assault and battery and three against Richard Bare and two others for larceny. Wm. Corn and B. R. Lane were sworn in as Court Constables for this term.
* P. Barnhart vs. Etna Co.; finding for plaintiff $4.00.
* E. Shafer vs. M. Francis et al; judgment of $247.50 and sale.
* Squire Dillon vs. John Sowards et al; partition ordered, by
H. M. Thornton, Henry Mannon and R. Elcessor.
* A. W. Apel vs. Newman & Rodamer; judgment of Mayor affirmed. In the case of Apel vs. Vinson, Goble & Prichard, the Mayor was reversed for want of jurisdiction.
* H. Hutchinson vs. J. R. Williams; finding for plaintiff of $25.92
and sale.
* H. Magee vs. E. H. Jones; demurrer to petition overruled.
* K. B. Skelton vs. T. Partt; R. B. Miller appointed guardian ad litem.
* Abner Dilley vs. Chas. McKnight; sale confirmed.
* Jno. Hunter vs. Mahala Hunter; divorce not allowed.
* Mary F. Reger vs. Chas. F. Reger, divorce granted and custody of children to plaintiff.
* J. F. Rodamor vs. Vinson et al; settled. Same as to Rodamor vs.
* J. M. Mays vs. Wm. Gore et al; Sheriff ordered to pay Wm. Gore, adm’r $63.
* Wm. Nolte vs. A. Spradling; demurrer sustained as to second cause of action. Leave granted to amend answer.
* M. Schneider vs. L. Schneider et al; leave granted to amend answer.
* State vs. H. Martin; horse stealing; sentenced to 5 years in O. P.
* Susan Owrey, Chas. Hall, R. Bare, Litteral and Nethercutt,
Geo. Raimer, Harmon Bruce were arraigned and plead not guilty.
The following counsel were assigned: J. Hamilton for Rainer, E. V.
Dean and Ralph Leeete for Litteral and Nethercutt, and J. L. Anderson for Bare.
* State vs. G. W. Schachleiter, indictment for embezzlement, plead not guilty and furnished $500 bond.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. DEC. 22, 1887
* Jas. H. Nixon ex’r of Wm. Nixon, filed third account.
* G. W. Louderman, adm’r of Wm. Louderman, filed final account.
* J. M. Moore and R. Mather, ex’rs of Jno. Anderson, filed first account.
* Wm. Lewis, adm’r of W. R. Lewis filed fourth account.
* J. F. White appointed adm’r of estate of Carrie White.
* T. N. Ross, adm’r of Emiline Russell, granted order to sell land.
* M. L. Beckett, adm’r of J. H. Esters, filed petition to sell land.

I. R. Dec. 22, 1887
Court will close shortly after the verdict in the McCoy case.
Only a few motions to be disposed of.

I. R. Dec. 22, 1887
Some people think the McCoy trial will be a bill of expense to
Lawrence county. This is not the case. Scioto county pays the expenses. It will not cost Lawrence county a dollar.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. JAN. 05, 1888
* E. F. Williams, assignee of A. J. Brumberg, ordered to sell at private sale.
* Wm. O. Eaton, executor of R. Turner, filed inventory.
* Isaac Booth, guardian of I. G. Frampton heirs filed second account.
* J. B. Burton, adm’r of W. P. Holderby filed first account.
* T. W. Rose, guardian of W. T. Smith, adm’r, filed accounts.

I. R. Jan. 5, 1888
The Mayor fined Kenard Eakins $25 and costs last Saturday, for
striking Dan’l Murphy in the back of the head with a cinder. Eakins
was sent to jail in default of $30.10.

MAYOR’S COURT – I. R. Jan. 5, 1888
There was a peculiar case in the Mayor’s court last week, where
Charles Sesher, of Hanging Rock, was arraigned upon information given by his wife, for robbing his neighbor, Jacob Runyon, of $35.00. Mr. Runyan lost the money last August, and had another man, whom he suspected, arrested for it, but the man was acquitted. On the day of Sesher’s arrest, Mrs. Sesher went to Mr. Runyan and confessed with humility that her husband took the money and gave it to her. Her evidence was not sufficient to convict him, but when the case was dropped in Court she paid back the $35.

* Julia A. Kelly appointed executor of John Kelly.
* W. A. Kelly appointed guardian of Elza and Leroy Massie.
* Emma Ward committed to reform school.
* Mary F. Allen, guardian of Sherman and Ada R. Allen, filed 6th
and final account.

* H. Valentine appointed adm’r of Lewis Valentine.
* W. O. Eaton, adm’r of R. Turner filed final account.
* Probate of will of Edey Isely refused.
* Sale of Knight vs Knight confirmed.
* Will of John Kelly admitted to probate.
* Will of Lewis Comer offered for probate.
* C. B. Blake, adm’r of J. H. Wheeler, ordered to sell land.
* Ella Shears fined $1 and costs for assault.
* Cases against C. Lykins, Ida Thomas and John Hess continued
to June 1.

* Charles Gibbs adopted by Wade and Nancy Barnes.
* First account of C. M. Stewart, adm’r of Sarah Malone, for settlement.
* T. J. Hayes, adm’r of Margaret Staid, ordered to sell property
at public sale.
* Edward Kitts appointed guardian of Mary Ellen Cornell and
John H. Kelly.
* G. W. Bradshaw appointed adm’r of James Morgan, deceased.
* Allen Wilson, appointed guardian of minor heirs of Henry Wilson.

* Application for probate of will of E. G. Langdon.
* Final receipt from Blanche McGovney filed.
* Ann Dyer appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Michael Dyer.
* Inventory and appraisement of estate of Lois Russell filed.
* Final account of Geo. W. Trumbo, adm’r of Wm. Rigney, filed.

* George Kears sent to Athens Asylum.
* P. C. Booth, County School Examiner, resigned, and W. D. Corn appointed to fill vacancy.
* Sale by J. A. Jones, adm’r of F. Friley, confirmed.
* Custody of Henry Naile awarded to Children’s Home on habeas corpus.
* John Peters Jr., appointed ex’r of Henry Partlow.
* John Sawyer adjudged insane and sent to Athens Asylum.
* I. S. Carter, adm’r of R. T. Carter, filed first account.
* Geo. Willard ordered to sell personal property of Dr. McGovney.
* Will of E. G. Langston filed for probate.
* Henry Spears plead guilty to carrying concealed weapons, and
fined $10 and costs.
* Allowance of Dora Davidson, widow of R. Davidson, cut down to $300 (from $400) on petition of interested parties.