Bits & Pieces: 1871-1875

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

PROBATE COURT – I.R. JAN. 12, 1871
* Patrick May, native of Ireland, was naturalized.
* W. W. Johnson, guardian of Rosalie and Eveline Hamilton, filed
  8th account.
* F. D. Norton, adm’r of Geo. W. Norton, field a statement of stock  in Belfont Works Co., sold by him by order of court.
* Final account of J. T. Hannan adm’r of James Buffington, settled.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. MAR. 09, 1871
* John Heffer, native of Germany, naturalized.
* L. D. Morrison and G. R. Ricketts, adm’rs of estate of L. D. Morrison, dec’d, filed their first account for settlement.
* Amos Moore, adm’r of Isaac Moore, filed sale bill and inventory.
* Thomas Hays, a native of South Wales and Louis Janicks, a native of France, were naturalized.
* First account of S. Dillon, adm’r of A. Snell, settled.

COMMON PLEAS – I.R. MAY 04, 1871
* Thus far in the second week of Court the business transacted has
  been quite small.  The lawyers seem to be behind in the preparation of their cases or in getting them ready for hearing.
* The Grand Jury reported nineteen indictments, of which nine are for selling liquor; as follows:
* Two against C. Ebert,
* Two against Jos. Fisher;
* Two against Jos. And Rosanna Falter;
* Two against Lycurgus Robinson,
* One against Lavina Lucas.
* The other indictments are against Stephen S. Fuller, Isaac Turvey, Samuel McVeigh, Nancy, Martha, Dolly and Lewis Brooks, assault and battery;
* Arthur Channel, forgery;
* Jas. Grubb, shooting with intent to wound;
* Moses and George Yates, and George Kingery, stabbing with intent  to wound;
* Albert G. Fuller carrying concealed weapons.
* Lagore vs Blankenship, Wilson et al.  Non suit.
* Hamilton vs R. Church.  Judgment for plaintiff, $3,920.00.
* Hardy vs Hawthorne et al.  Plaintiff recover of Mitchel Hawthorne,  $21.85 for shooting the plaintiff’s cow.
* Jones vs Eckhert.  Settled; each pay their own costs.
* Collier vs Hart.  Dismissed at Plaintiff’s costs.
* Payne vs Williams; same.
* In the matter of the petition of Hiram Campbell to surrender lease of school lands and recover a deed, Ambrose Trumbo, John Ellison and C. W. McCoy, were appointed appraisers.
* J. P. Merrill vs Ironton.  Verdict for Ironton.  This was a suit against Ironton for damages claimed by the plaintiff in consequence of the city’s interference with his wharf contract.
* Miller vs Lomas.  Judgment by default  $125.25.
* Butterfield vs Roadamour.  Submitted to a Commissioner limited to certain instructions.
* State vs Charles Toliver.  Contempt of Court; Jackson Paige and James Coleman, same.
* R. McCall vs J. B. Basel.  Judgment by default $270.00.
* Layne vs Blankenship.  Damages for selling liquor to plaintiff’s
  husband $275.00.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. MAY 11, 1871 (?)
* Third week of Court.  New jury went on duty Tuesday.  Judge Johnson presides.
* In the cases of school lands, held by H. Campbell and Mrs. Breeden, re-appraisement was ordered in both cases.  J. M. Deering, C. W. McCoy
  and John Johnson, appointed appraisers.
* R. Mather v Margaret Irwin, J. Campbell, C. Ellison and Wm. St. Clair reported a partition which was set aside.  Petition dismissed.
* Hamlin v Dorman, judgment before J. P. Reversed and defendant recover of plaintiff $230.75
* May v Adams, et al.  Leave to plaintiff to file amended petition.
* Newman & Co. vs Wise & Co.  Replevin.  Judgment for plaintiff.
* Urwiler, Receiver vs Edwards. – Judgment for plaintiff, $251.91.

* Court will adjourn this week, and next Monday, Judge Johnson goes to the Scioto Common Pleas.  Cases disposed since our last as follows:
* State vs Lewis, Martha, Nancy and Dolly Brooks; assault and battery, verdict, not guilty.
* Joseph Sutton vs H. Lautenachlaeger; judgment for plaintiff $353.28.
* Manasass Litch vs Martin Wilson; judgment for plaintiff, $91.85.
* The sale of lot 32, Millersport, by the Trustees of the M. E. Church, was confirmed by the court.
* State vs Joseph & Rosana Falter; No. 1, verdict, not guilty.  The
  Prosecuting Attorney entered a note prosequi to the indictment in
  case No. 2.
* Edmund Delong vs Nancy Delong; divorce granted, cause, adultery.
* Ralph Leete vs Henry Newman; judgment for plff, $587.64, and defendant
  also ordered to pay parties $234.50.
* T. J. Davis vs J. T. & D. T. Davis; dismissed at plff’s cost.
* D. H. Clarke vs W. A. Jenkins; dismissed without prejudice at plff’s cost.
* Eliza P. Buffington vs Eleanor Buffington & J. T. Hannon; referred to C. B. Egerton, master commissioner.
* Dr. J. W. Winn, of Hanging Rock, was allowed $10 for post mortem examination.
* C. W. Simmons vs Anderson Aunt; judgment revived, which with interests amounts to $71.12.
* H. W. Eaches vs Cader Powell; judgment for plff, $194.14.
* City of Ironton vs Iron Railroad Co.; demurrer of defendants to
  plaintiff’s petition overruled and leave given the Iron Railroad Co.,
  to file an answer on the 25th inst.
* J. P. Morris v Catharine Wilhains (?), Ex.  Judgment for plff $64.50.
* A special venire for C. E. Hambleton, Cyrus Ellison, James Nixon, Thos. Williamson, J. E. Jones, S. S. Brammer and Wm. Gibson, Jurors, was issued.
* Cloninger v Ironton, Judgment of Mayor reversed.
* Jos. Selb v Cole and Jones, and Henry Cole.  Sale of mortgaged premises ordered.
* Haggarty v Hoffman.  Damages for selling liquor to plt’ff’s husband. Verdict. $25.

* In the case of the appeal of Jas. Silliman from the award of the
  County Commissioners for $75 for location of the Ironton and Pine Creek road through the Plaintiff’s land, a jury trial was had and a verdict
  for $100 additional damages rendered.
* J. Davidson filed a request to be released from the bond of W. H. Hanson, Guardian of Ellen J. Thomas.
* Jonathan Morris, Guardian of Carrie S. Wright, filed a petition to
  sell lands of his ward.

* The Grand Jury returned 83 indictments, 2 for Grand Larceny, one for manslaughter, 12 for assault and battery, 5 for petit larceny, one for fornication, 6 for keeping a nuisance, 6 for selling intoxicating
* State v Jas. Spears; petit larceny plead guilty, fined $5.  Same in
  case of State v Andrew Fuller.
* B. F. Cory v Jos Brammer et al.  Dismissed as to Mrs. Brammer.
* Sazear et al v D. S. Murdock, et al.  Judgment for defendant.
* Sarah Gilland v A. and F. Miller, suit for damages resulting from
  selling plaintiff’s husband liquor.  Verdict for plaintiff $2,000.
  Motion for a new trial.
* Wm. Wood v Geo. Heiner.  Dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.
* D. Lady v W. D. Kelly.  Dismissed at plaintiff’s cost.
* State v Jackson and Wm. Matney.  Assault and Battery.  Jackson Matney
  plead guilty.  Fined $5.
* State v Jacob Clark.  Plead guilty of assault and battery.  Fine $5.
* J. Earles v A. P. Russell and H. Keeny.  Amended petitions filed
  against defendants separately.
* E. McMillen v J. T. Davis.  Demurrer to petition sustained.
* E. Ferguson v H. M. Francisco.  Judgment for defendant.
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* John R. Thomas naturalized.
* __ M. Staley, guardian of Joseph M.
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PROBATE COURT – I.R. AUG. 19, 1875
* Ellen Terry, guardian of C. D. Terry, filed fourth account.
* Deed of assignment from Winters & Bro. to J. P. Shaw, filed.
* D. Massie, appointed guardian of W. B. Kearns; bond, $2500.
* Petition filed to commit J. H. Flowers to Reform Farm.
* Jere Cooper, adm’r de bonis non of George Irwin, filed second account.
* J. P. Shaw, assignee of V. Boll & Co., ordered to sell property
  at Probate sale.

* I. J. Addis appointed guardian of Harriet E. Evans; bond $100.
* James Fitzer appointed guardian of E. D. Ramsey, bond $100.
* Agnes B. Arnold, guardian of Arnold heirs, filed final account.
* Griffiths Henry and William Jones naturalized.

* Wm. G. Hunt, guardian of Neal heirs, gave $1,500 additional bond.
* Application for admission of Sarah Boyd to the Athens Asylum.
* J. Pratt, guardian of Dilsey Pemberton, filed 3d account.
* Jno. Vogal v Peter Miller, in aid of executor.   Sidney S. Brammer ordered to pay first costs and judgment in the proceedings.
* E. Brammer, guardian of Taylor and Earles heirs, filed second accounts.
* T. N. Davey, adm’r of Samuel Davey, deceased, filed 2nd account.

* Judge Hebard is presiding this week.  It is expected that Judge
  Harper will be here next week.
* On Friday the Grand Jury reported 26 indictments, vis:  1 for
  manslaughter; 1 for grand larceny; 1 for burglary; 1 for adultery;
  3 for keeping nuisance; 1 for keeping a gambling room; 1 for making public disturbance; 1 for betting on election; 4 for assault; 3 petit
  larceny; 7 for selling liquor, 1 for malicious destruction of property.
* Cases disposed as follows:
* C. Culbertson v Wm. Cunningham, Thos. Griffith made defendant instead (do not have end of this column yet.)
* (Need to check middle of this column …)
* Newman Lumber Co. v John Newman.  Reappraisement.
* Jno. A. Witman v Wilson Lewis, Judgment for plaintiff, $56.57
* Burchard Buckner G. W. Gildeons (?), verdict for plaintiff, $900.
* W. H. Donohoe v Z. Littlejohn and H. Sanders.  Plaintiff to recover the premises.
* Warren L. Barber v M. Wise & Co. Judging for plaintiff $207.
* John Biscoe v Ruth, Brammer & Ruth.  Judgment for plaintiff $1,064.
* Lucinda Powell v Jas. R. Powell, Divorce granted.
* Jno. Mowery v Iron Railroad Company.  Verdict for plaintiff, $4,000.
* Jesse Earles v A. P. Russell.  Verdict for defendant.
* Benj. Davis v M. Wise & Co.  Leave given to defendants to file an answer.
* Phebe Primm v James Primm.  Sale confirmed.
* W. R. Day was granted a license as auctioneer.
* John J. Nesbett v Christena Nesbett, divorce granted.
* Margaret Ellison v Robert Rucker. – Verdict of guilty.  Motion for new trial.
* Lewis F. Cremeans vs Mary Jan Cremeans.  Divorce granted.

* The following guardians filed accounts:
* Thos. Pritchard, Chas. E. Watters, G. W. Trumbo, I. C. Dovel,
  E. Kyle, Margaret Wambaugh, James Corn, Rufus Ellcessor and
  John Gibson.
* The following administrators filed accounts:
* J. S. Davidson, S. Dillon, E. Kyle, A. J. Boothe, Elizabeth A.
* Rebecca Pucket Sr. Appointed guardian of Rebecca Pucket Jr.  Bond, $4,200.
* Jos. P. Shaw filed final statement as assignee of Winters & Bro.
  Matters settled.
* McGugin & White v Thos. Kemp.  Order for defendant to answer touching his property.

* Will of George Miller admitted to probate.  Comfort Miller elects to take under the will.
* The following guardians filed accounts:  John Shafer, Thos. I.
  Murdock, A. Miller, Anton Abele, I. F. Gillen, Saml. Locey.
* The following administrators filed accounts:  A. M. Thornton,
  William Drury, L. D. Morrison, and G. R. Rickets.
* Mary A. Hempstead filed exceptions to accounts of Jno. G. Peebles, Executor of will of Robert Hamilton.  For hearing Nov. 23d.
* W. S. McCune appointed Assignee of Herbert & Simmons.  Bond $20,000. Appraisers, M. S. Bartram, H. R. Brown
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PROBATE COURT – I.R. NOV. 11, 1875
* The following administrators and executors filed statements:
  L. A. Griffith, N. Burcham, R. Boyd, Geo. N. Gray, D. W. Richards,  John S. Keeny, and Geo. C. Berlin.
* Thos. Dillow and J. S. Keeny, guardians, filed accounts.
* L. A. Griffith, adm’r vs Hannah Darling; case dismissed at cost
  of plaintiff.
* Giles Thomas, adm’r of Arch Thomas, ordered to file account by
  November 29th, or show cause.
* Alex Massie appointed ex’r of George Miller.  L. A. Griffith,
  John W. Handley, and W. W. Wiseman, appraisers; bond $800; Jere Cooper and S. Dement, Sureties.
* McGugin & White vs Thos. Kemp, in aid of execution; one watch, one gun and two mules to be applied to payment of plaintiff’s judgment.
* James Farmer vs Thomas Dillow, in aid of execution; George Thomas   ordered to answer.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. NOV. 18, 1875
* Joseph Shaw appointed guardian of Argo heirs, bond, $3,000.
* Coroner’s inquest over the bodies of George Kitts and Lewis Fisher   filed.
* Thomas Higgins, guardian of Elizabeth Nance, filed second account.
* Celia A. Wolf, adm’r of George F. Wolfe, filed first account.
* David Lamond, native of Scotland, naturalized.
* A. P. Russell, guardian of Russell heirs, filed second account.
* William Means, executor and trustee under the will of Robert
  Hamilton, filed seventh account for settlement.

I.R. NOVEMBER 25, 1875
* W. S. McCune, assignee of Herbert & Simmons, filed inventory and   list of liabilities, ordered to sell at private sale.
* M. S. Henry, adm’r of Morris Henry, dec’d, filed his third account   for settlement.
* Abner Dilley, guardian of Jacob Russel, filed second account.
* D. Massie, guardian of W. B. Kearns, filed inventory.
* Augustus Magee, trustee of William Magee, filed final account.
* James Farmer vs Thomas Dillow; in aid of execution; proceeding
* Geo. W. Hackworth, adm’r of Thomas Golden, J. P.; proceedings dismissed.
* Mary A. Hempstead vs John G. Peebles, executor of Robert Hamilton;   motion to disallow executor’s account; demurrer interposed; arguments   heard, and taken under advisement.  This case involves the sum of   $73,000, which the plaintiff claims, was improperly allowed out of her   share of the estate of Robert Hamilton.  Her receipt (?) was given of   that amount against payment for the Hanging Rock rolling mill, purchased  by the late S. B. Hempstead.

* Wm. Betts, guardian of Elizabeth and Philip Kizer, filed first account.
* Abraham Miller appointed guardian of Nettie and Ezra Jones, bond $4,000.
* John H. Sutton appointed guardian of Richard Sutton; bond $2,500;   J. S. Keeney, Stant Moore and Sam’l Sutton, appraisers.
* Evans & Grimes filed motion to require W. P. Rodgers, assignee of   John H. Burgess, to file a statement by Dec. 11, 1875.
* S. Dement, adm’r de bonis non with will annexed of Patrick Wilson,  filed first account.
* Sam’l Richards, guardian of Eugene F. Paul, filed fifth account.

POLICE COURT – I.R. DEC. 2, 1875
* C. S. Thomas, who lives back of Haverhill, came up here last week  and got drunk.  He was taken about 2 o’clock the next morning and   locked up.  Fined $13.10. 
* Andrew Brogan, David Jones, Thos. Hill, Edward Davis, Odey Mulligan,
 * Edward Mysick were found intoxicated.
* Jones and Mysick, fined $5.00;   Davis, $15.00; Hill $7.00; Odey Mulligan $9.00; Andrew Brogan $35.00.   Mark King fined $25.00 for resisting an officer.

COMMON PLEAS – I. R. DEC. 9, 1875
* David Martin vs. R. L. Hopkins.  Trespass.  Damages claimed $500.   Defendant as City Commissioner  tore down plaintiff’s fences to open   what is claimed as Sycamore-st.
* W. S. Kirker vs. R. A. Kirker, et al. Partition of certain property
  on Railroad-st. and elsewhere, asked for.
* Transcripts filed in the various cases of Hiram Campbell & sons,
  W. D. Kelly & Sons and Lawrence Furnace Co. vs. Iron Railroad Co.   – suits to recover alleged over charges for freight.
* John Combs vs. A. Lawson and L. P. Ort.  For settlement of business   of L. P. Ort & Co.
* John Peters vs. Jos. N. Bimpson.  To recover $500 paid by plaintiff   in defendant’s behalf  to Monitor Furnace.
* A. P. Delaney vs. Margretta Haskell, Amanda Teirman et al.
  Suit for partition.
* W. L. Gordon, Assignee of Edwin A. Phillips & Co. vs. N. Munshower.   Suit in replevin.
* May McDowell vs. Jno. Stewart.  Bastardy.
* W. L. Keepers vs. R. D. Barr.  Attachment with E. M. Norton, garnishee.
* Wm. J. Wilson vs. Catherine Hamlin, et al. Partition.

* James Forgey, adm’r of Lewis Smith vs. Lucinda Smith et al;
  sale of part of land confirmed, reappraisement ordered; J. K. Coster,   S. Holland and W. E. Loudermouth appriasers.
* The following guardianships filed accounts:  E. Vermillion,
  B. G. Herefort, I. L. Hitt, E. T. Edwards, Squire (?) Walters and
  L. A. Griffith.
* The following administrators filed accounts:  Edmund Brammer
  and _____ Mathes.
* Thos. D. Pritchard, a native of Wales naturalized.

I. R. Dec. 9, 1875
John H. Burgess has filed a petition in the District Court, for his
discharge as a bankrupt.  Liabilities $8,935.68; assets $8,962.10 or $6,962.10 ?.

I. R. Dec. 9, 1875 – Insurance Suit
The Continental Life Ins. Co. brought suit before Mayor Corns last
Tuesday, against Jos. C. McGugin for the collection of a note of $64.33, being one-third of his annual payment on a $5,000 policy in that company. The defendant refused to pay, on the ground that he was deceived by the agent (Hunt) who wrote up the policy.  He claimed that the agent informed him, that the payment of $193 a year for 15 years, would give him a paid up policy for $5,000, and on the strength of this representation he got his life insured.  He now says that the policy only insures him during the 15 years in which he pays his annual assessment, and on this ground, refuses to… (do not have end)