Bits & Pieces: 1870

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

PROBATE COURT – I.R. JAN. 27, 1870
* Rev. G. W. Taylor licensed to solemnize marriages.
* Thomas Dillon appointed Guardian of Minnie Adell Unlucky,
  minor child of Benj. Unlucky, bond, $3,000; sureties, Baker
  Webb and L. Cassiday.
* R. Mather, adm’r of Js. And Maria Daniels, filed final account.
* N. Cox, adm’r, vs Jane Monahan; order of appraisement issued –   Edmund Brammer, C. W. Simmons and William Earles appraisers.
* C. E. Watters, Guardian of the heirs of John A. Smith, filed
  first account.
* John Feil, a native of Germany, naturalized.

PROBATE COURT – I. R. FEB. 3, 1870
* B. Bornheim appointed Assignee of L. Weixelbaum, bond $3,000.
* Peyton Justice, Adm’r of B. Elswick, filed first and final account.
* S. Russell, Adm’r of Stambo, filed final receipts.
* A. J. Trumbo, Ex’r of Esther Hall, filed first account.

* Polly Rust vs. John Campbell, et al.
* Wm. Belcher, jr., vs. J. N. Bimpson
* John Peters vs. Sam’l McGugin.
* Johnson Bros. vs. D. W. Voglesong.
* J. P. Morris vs. Wm. Williams.
* Jerry Earles vs. Russels, Adm’r.
* Hamilton Davisson vs. Iron Railroad Co.
* Ohio Iron & Coal Co. vs. J. P. Morris.
* A. R. O. Thomas vs. Isaac Darling.
* J. W. Payne vs. E. Milliron, et al.
* Trustees of Green Tp., Scioto county vs. J. Campbell.
* Wm. F. Riggs vs. Robert D. Neeley.
* C. Calvin vs. A. Miller.
* J. Hackworth vs. David Campbell.
* D. Massie vs. Francis Cearns.
* Lewis Moore vs. A. P. Russell.
* S. Williams vs. Thos. Winters, et al.
* John Peters vs. John Bruce.
* N. O’Donnell vs. S. Brammer.
* R. C. Davisson, Ex’r vs. J. H. Burgess, et al.
* John Layne vs. Robt. Cripps.
* Butterfield & Co. vs. J. S. Roadarmour.
* Mary Massie vs. Geo. Finch.
* John Burcham vs. L. D. McComas.
* W. S. Massie vs. J. W. Johnson.
* Thomas Bobbit vs. Geo. Gilland.
* Moses Payne vs. Jacob Wickline.
* Stephen Smith vs. G. W. Bryson.
* E. Rucker vs. J. Fink.
* W. T. Elswick vs. J. H. Burgess, et al.
* E. Markins vs. Isam Kelly, et al.
* Emily A. Newman vs. Thos. Bram – (do not have end of this)

* The cases disposed of since our last report are as follows:
* The Grand Jury concluded their labors on Wednesday, after being   in session less than three days, and presented indictments as follows:
  1 for murder in the first degree; 2 for burglary; 1 for stabbing;
  1 for petit larceny; 1 for seduction; 1 for threatening in a menacing   manner; 1 for buying goods from a minor; &c.; 2 for concealing stolen   goods, 7 for selling liquor, and 1 presentment against minors, for   burglary.  Also, reported the county jail well kept and the prisoners   well provided for.
* Lucy A. Sites vs Sylvester C. Sites; motion to set  aside decree
* B. F. Branham vs M. W. Davis, et al.  Settled at defendant’s costs.
* Sarah Williams vs Thos. Winters et al. – Plaintiff ordered to give
  additional security for costs in sixty days or be dismissed.
* Abram Huggins vs Rachel Huggins. – Continued.
* Polly Rust vs John Campbell et al.  Judgment for defendants.
* Stephen Smith vs G. W. Bryson, Judgment against plaintiff for costs   of present term and continued.
* M. Beck & Bogen vs Leonard Myer et al.   Sale confirmed and deed   ordered.
* Thos. Bobbitt vs. Geo. Gilland.  Settled at defendant’s costs.
* Nimrod Moore vs Wesley Moore.  Settled at defendant’s costs.
* John S. Keeney, adm’r vs Arthur E. Hobbs et al.  Judgment for
  plaintiff, and order of sale of real estate.
* John Crawford vs John S. Keeney, adm’r et al.  Decree for specific   performance of a contract.
* Hamilton Davisson vs Iron Railroad.  Verdict for plaintiff $600.00.   Motion for new trial.
* Allen Wiseman vs J. W. Johnson et al – Sale confirmed and deed ordered.
* Stephen Brown vs James Hawkins. – Right of property found in defendant   and judgment for value of same $223.00 and
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* J. N. Rainey licensed Auctioneer for one year.
* State vs. Thomas & Boll – Plea guilty.  Fine $50 and costs as to
  Thomas; nolle as to Bole.
* State vs. Childers – Selling whiskey; plea guilty; fined $15.00
  and costs.
* Campbell, McGugin & Co. vs. Jas. M. Stone et al.  Judgment for   plaintiff $1200.64.  Ordered sale of mortgaged premises.
* Nicholas Hoffman vs. Wm. Webb.  Judgment for $130.00 revived.
* Wm. Cook vs. Matney, Joseph et al.  Judgment for plaintiff $70.57.   Order sale mortgaged premises.
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PROBATE COURT – I.R. OCT. 20, 1870
* Coroner’s inquest over the body of Jos. Walls, killed near Millersport,   filed by Justice Blake.
* S. Richards, guardian of Velfna Conner, filed suit, account for
* S. Dillon, adm’r of C. Scovill, dec’d, filed inventory and appraisement,   and sale bill.
* First accounts of P. Murphy, ex’r of  ..need better copy can’t read   what I have.

* Nelson Cox, Adm’r of estate of Patrick Monahan, sale confirmed and   estate declared probably insolvent.
* Petition and remonstrance from Fayette township regarding justices   filed.  No notice yet filed.
* S. Dillon, adm’r of A. Snell filed appraisement and assignment of
  dower, and sale ordered.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. NOV. 30, 1870
* Chas. A. Ward, T. A. Potter and Adolph Miller, Guardians, filed
  accounts for their respective wards.
* Mrs. E. D. Richardson, Adm’x of S. T. Richardson, account settled.
* Wm. Means account as Ex’r of Robert Hamilton, settled.
* G. W. Trumbo, Ex’r of John Roberts filed final receipts.

* Sheriff Merrill left on the Fleetwood Tuesday evening, having in
  charge the following persons sentenced to the penitentiary;
* Ewell Boyd, grand larceny – stole two cows from his mother-in-law   and sold them – sentenced to three years;
* Benjamin Swartzwood, manslaughter, Wall’s murder case, sentenced   to two years;
* Alonzo Gilmore, stabbing Banks Dillon, at Marion, with intent to
  wound him, sentenced to one year.
* Also Russell Walls, sentenced to the Reform Farm for malicious
  destruction of property.

IN JAIL – I.R. DEC. 15, 1870
* The following persons are now in jail:
* Thos. Smith, stabbing with intent to wound;
* Robert Welch, rape;
* Silas Hill, horse-stealing;
* Lewis Canter, thirty days imprisonment by U. S. Court.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. DEC. 15, 1870
* J. T. Hannan, Adm’r of James Buffington filed his first and final
* Examination of Lewis Hill colored, charged with horse stealing,
* Amos Moore appointed Adm’r of the estate of Isaac Moore, dec’d,   bond $1,000; Martin Moore and Stanford Moore, sureties.  Isaac   Davidson, James Romans and Alford Hastings were appointed appraisers. 
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