Bits & Pieces: 1858-1868

Court Notices from Early Newspapers
Compiled by
Sharon M. Kouns

Ironton Register, June 3, 1858
Last week, in the Superior Court, Cincinnati, in the case
of the Administrator of McLardy Vs Chandler, Mrs. McLardy and
children, of Ironton, obtained a verdict in their favor for $500
– for the death of Neil McLardy, our former fellow-citizen, at
Cincinnati, in September last, by the carelessness of a druggist.
It appeared, on trial, that Mr. McLardy being sick, a physician
wrote a legible prescription for him, one of the ingredients being
cinnamon water; that it was taken to the drug store of Dr. Chandler, and in making the preparation he used liquid ammonia in place of cinnamon, hence Mr. McLardy’s death was the natural consequence of a cancerous affection of the stomach. After full hearing, the jury returned a verdict as before mentioned, for $500 against Dr. Chandler.

* There are now seven persons in jail, awaiting court, to wit:
* Jamces Lackey, charged with the murder of Martin McGinty,
in this township, last November; * Daniel Ambrose (indicted last Court) passing or attempting to pass counterfeit money, in Ironton;
* K. Porter, stealing horse of E. Willis, at Marion;
* Jenkin J. Lewis, rape, in Ironton;
* George Mana, store breaking, at South Point;
* Chas. Moore, alias Stewart Donaho, and John Tanner, both charged with obtaining goods under false pretenses at Vesuvius Furnace.
* On Sunday, Jan. 29th, there were ten prisoners in jail in Ironton,
two more than the number of cells, and we think a larger number than ever before in our jail.

Ironton Register, Feb. 16, 1860
It will be seen by referring to report of cases in the Probate Court,
in another column, that John Tanner and Chas. Moore, alias Stewart Donahoe, were sentenced to pay a fine of $100 each, and ten days in jail on bread and water, for obtaining goods under false pretenses. The case was that they went Vesuvius Furnace and took a job wood chopping, in order to obtain goods, and having obtained axes, blankets, &c., left without doing the job, as was their design in the start – a thing not uncommon among the Furnaces. It is, perhaps, the first conviction of the kind in the county, and will serve as a warning to others.

PROBATE NEWS – I. R. FEB. 16, 1860
* February Term, 1860.
* State of Ohio vs. Phillip Reed, peace warrant, continued.
* State of Ohio vs. John Davenport, petit larceny, dismissed.
* State of Ohio vs. Patrick Shield, assault and battery, continued.
* State of Ohio vs. Alfred Storms, intoxication, plead guilty; fined five dollars and costs of prosecution.
* State of Ohio vs. Jacob Huffman, assault and battery; recognizance forfeited, and continued.
* State of Ohio vs. Thomas Davis, selling intoxicating liquors to be
drunk were sold, continued.
* State of Ohio vs. John Tanner, and Charles Moore, alias Stewart Donahoe, obtaining goods under false pretenses; plead not guilty; trial had, found guilty, and sentenced by the Court to pay a fine of one hundred dollars each, with costs of prosecution, and be confined in the jail of the county ten days on bread and water only.
* State of Ohio vs. Abraham Combs, petit larceny, plead guilty;
fined five dollars and costs of prosecution.
* State of Ohio vs. Charles Hamel, assault in a threatening manner;

* Court of Common Pleas is still in session. The Grand Jury, this term, consisted of J. S. Roadarmour, Foreman; Jesse Corn, Levi Massie, J. M. Clay, Benj. Anderson, Sanders Russell, J. C. Terry, John Lucas, Jas. Porter, John Howell, C. Hanley, Thos. Lambert, P. R. Polley, E. Brammer, and G. N. Kemp – found nine indictments.
* In the suit for slander, C. C. Bronson vs. W. S. Newton, the plaintiff was non-suited having failed to give security for costs, as ruled to do at the last term.
* Daniel Ambrose was found guilty of attempting to pass counterfeit money, in Ironton, last Fall.
* Among the liquor cases, we notice that 20 indictments, State of Ohio
vs. John McKinney, were “nollied.”
* The trial of James Lackey, for the murder of Martin McGinty, in this township, last November, has been continued until the May Term.

* Court of Common Pleas is now in the third week of its session,
Judge W. W. Johnson presiding, and we suppose will continue all this week.
* All of last week was occupied by the trial of James Lockey for the murder of Martin McGinty, in this township, in November last, except a short trial on Saturday evening. The jury, after being out an hour or two, brought in “Guilty of murder in the second degree,” which carries with it the sentence for life.

* May term, Judge W. W. Johnson presiding, closed its sitting on
Tuesday evening of this week – the longest term ever held in this
county, three weeks and two days. – The longest previous term was last year, three weeks.
* James Lackey was sentenced to the Penitentiary for life, for the
murder of Martin McGinty;
* Henry Smith, for burglary in Ironton, five years;
* Hezekiah Porter and Parker Mays, for grand larceny (stealing still pipes in Fayette township) four years.
* Also Stephen W. Gates, of Aid Township, for larceny, under 16 years of age, was sentenced to the Ohio Reform School, Fairfield county, until the age of 21.

* Jas. H. Nixon, Ex’r of Wm. Nixon; sale of real estate confirmed.
* John Shafer, adm’r of W. Dement, ordered to sell land.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. FEB. 21, 1867
* Do not have beginning of this column.
* The old cases of the State against James McCain, Eliza Harris and Thomas Bay, each for murder, are marked continued on the docket.
* Margaret Roach vs J. M. Blankenship; breach of promise, and wages for work and labor performed. Case tried. Verdict on first cause of action $20; on second cause $580.00. New trial. Neal and Dean for Plaintiff; Moore and Hamilton for Defendant.
* Hugh McGovern and Wife vs Benedict Weitz and Wife; Slander. Case tried. Verdict, twelve cents. Dean for plaintiff; Moore and Calvin for defendants.
* Divorces granted in the cases of Daniel Crumlish vs Abbie Crumlish; and Joseph Oemisch vs Mary Jane Oemisch. Cause, willful absence for over three years. Jane Crossland vs. Charles Crossland. Divorce. Cause tried, and reserved for decision.
* Mary McClain vs I.R.R. Co., Damages claimed for death of husband on said road in November last. For hearing on demurrer.
* In a case coming up from a Justice of the Peace, the Court held that under the amendment to the 113 Sec. Of the Justices Act, passed in 1866, requiring papers in appeal to be filed with the Clerk, on or before the thirtieth day from the rendition of the judgment, that when the thirtieth day falls on Sunday or any of the legal holidays, the papers must be filed on the twenty-ninth day, making an exception to the general rule in pleading.
* In the same case, at the request of the Bar, his Honor gave as his
opinion that in suits before Justices, amounting to over one hundred
dollars, the pleadings require revenue stamps, the same as in the
Common Pleas.

* The following report gives most of the cases disposed of by the Court during the past week, with other matters of interest transpiring there:
* A. W. Buskirk vs R. S. Williams – Judgment for the Plaintiff, $217, with interest.
* Mary McClain vs Iron Rail Road Co. Dismissed without prejudice to plaintiff.
* Joseph Dean vs William Cook. Verdict for the defendant.
* Lavina McGinley vs Jeremiah Rainey. Verdict for the defendant.
* Alex. Brammer & Co. vs Alf. Royer. Judgment by default against defendant $163.52.
* John Peters vs John Campbell et al. Exceptions to Report of
Wm. M. Bolles
(do not have end of article)

* The attendance at the court, of people from abroad is very large,
considering the little interest that the docket shows.
* The report of the Commissioner in the Center Furnace case was found correct and the furnace ordered to be sold.
* Edwin Sumter vs Nancy Sumter, dismissed at Plaintiff’s cost.
* E. Webb vs Sarah A. Webb. Divorce granted on account of another husband living.
* Johnson vs Lane. A case in which a horse is in controversy,
has been occupying good deal of the attention of the court.

* The cases before the Court have been of very little importance.
* Wm. South (?) vs L. W. Ellsworth – Judgment for defendant.
* Jno. McCalley vs Campbell, McGugin & Co., – verdict for pl’ff $168. Second trial demanded and allowed.
* John M. Deen vs W. Neal – verdict for plaintiff, $408. Second trial demanded and allowed.
* David E. Upp vs Elias Marshal – Demurrer overruled.
* John Fain vs Minerva J. Fain – divorce granted at plaintiff’s costs.
* J. H. Blake vs W. Kirkman – Judgment by default, $316.50.
* A. I. Roger vs R. D. Burgess – Judgment by default $189.37.
* R. Lloyd & Sons vs J. H. Blake – Judgment by default, $440.18.
* Mille, Brunner & Deichman Vs J. M. Slone – Judgment by default, $2,131,17.
* A. H. Ricker vs John Campbell and Wm. Lambert – settled at pl’ff’s costs.
* State vs Allen Daniels, shooting with intent to kill –
Found Not Guilty.
* State vs Geo. Heiner – Nolle pros.
* State vs John Miller – Burglary, acquitted.
* The Grand Jury found indictments against the following persons:
* Joseph Oemisch, Thos. McGuire, Allen Daniels, shooting with intent to kill.
* John Miller, burglary.
* Wm. H. Lavender, Thos. Pease and Andrew J. Still, for same;
* Mathew Dalton, stabbing with intent to wound.
* Lewis Ellis and Joseph Webb, horse stealing.
* Charles Shesher, grand larceny.
* Israel Stapleton, petit larceny;
* also Sam’l Hill and Thos. Pease for same.
* Sylvester Christian, Elizabeth Pine and Martha Pine, assault and
battery. An information was also brought against Thos. Martin for same.
* The Grand Jury reported that the jail was kept in good condition but that it was not secure not sufficiently ventilated.

* Court is still in session and will not adjourn until sometime next week.
* Cyrus Dillon entered into a recognizance to keep the peace, bond $300.
* W. H. Lavender and A. J. Still was sent to jail for 20 days on
bread and water;
* also Thos. Pease for 10 days; all for petit larceny.
* State vs Samuel Hill – guilty of petit larceny.
* In the cases of State vs Elizabeth Pine and Martha Pine, the former was acquitted and the latter fined $10 and costs.

* Still continues in session. Some very important furnace cases
have come before the court -one regarding the confirmation of the
sale of Lawrence Furnace; the other relating to a large amount of
personal property involved in the transfer of Washington Furnace.
* M. W. Davis vs Thos. McCarthy, G. Newberger and Jos. McGugin.
– Suit to recover for services rendered and money paid in raising
volunteers during the war. Verdict for Defendants.
* A special Grand Jury was impaneled, which presented an indictment against Nathaniel Louder for stealing a mule.
* Viola F. Thomson vs W. H. Thomson. Divorce granted.
* The Prosecuting Attorney entered a nolle pros, in the cases of the State against F. Denneller, A. Miller and G. Schlepper, P. Slosser and Joseph Fisher and J. Wilburn.
* The Court will adjourn this week.

Ironton Register, October 17, 1867
SENTENCED. – Nathaniel Louder was sentenced by the Common Pleas Court, present term, to the penitentiary for three years for stealing a mule at Pinegrove Furnace. Lewis Ellis also met with a similar fate for stealing a horse of Kyle Smith, near the mouth of Indian Guyan.

* The Common Pleas Court adjourned last Saturday, after disposing of the important furnace cases before it.
* The Court confirmed the sale of Lawrence furnace property. Resistance to the confirmation was made. The grounds of the resistance were the fact that no notice of the sale had been given to the guardians, and that the advertisement included more land than belonged to the furnace. The first of these objections was answered by the guardians coming into court and approving of the proceedings. To the second was urged the fact, that the land sold, amounted to all that the buyer understood he was purchasing, and that the mistake of the petitioners did no injustice to the purchasers. Exceptions have been taken and the case will come up at the next District Court.
* In the case of John Peters against J. Campbell and others, there was a verdict of $22,600 for the plaintiff. – The suit grew out of the
transfer and value of personal property involved in the sale of Monroe furnace. The Defendants acknowledge they are indebted to the Plaintiff to the extent of about $19,000, but the latter claims about $27,000.  A new trial was granted on the motion of both parties.

PROBATE COURT – I.R. MARCH 12, 1868 (?)
* We take the following from the Court’s record for the past week:
* Ezra E. Adams filed first account as Guardian of S. J. Argo’s heirs.
* Gottleib Gerhardt of Germany was naturalized.
* C. M. Golden and Arvilla Spicer, filed first account as administrators of Wm. H. Spicer, deceased.

* We take the following from the Court’s record for the past week:
* Peter Newman appointed Guardian of Person and Estate of Jennie and Rosa McKay, heirs of John McKay. Bond $800.
* Application made to procure the admission of Peter Corn into the Lunatic Asylum.
* An order of appraisement was heard in the case of C. M. Golden & heirs of W. H. Spicer. Appraisers appointed: M. W. Davis, W. W. Kirker and G. G. Shore. The appraisement was subsequently made and order of sale issued.

* Simeon Sumter was appointed guardian of Henry T. Adams. Bond $100.
* Will of Harriet Clarke was admitted to Probate.
* Application was made for the admission of Margaret Samuels to Lunatic Asylum.