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1900 Census Index Lawrence County, Ohio "D"
Submitted by Don Ort

Surname First Name M.I. Township Page
Dabney Edward   Union 199
Marshline   Ironton 86
Wilson   Ironton 86
Dages Walter   Ironton 157
Dailey Charles   Rome 175
Nicholas   Windsor 202B
Daily Blanch   Mason 14
Emily   Mason 16B
James   Mason 16B
Daisybrock Doly   Ironton 145
Dallis John   Ironton 101
Dalton Alex   Aid 3
Charles   Aid 13
George   Perry 144
Grant   Rome 176
Jarret   Aid 13
John   Washington 177
John F. Elizabeth 43B
Melvina   Coal Grove 46B
Minnie   Ironton 110B
Priscilla   Windsor 203
Robert   Decatur 16
Stella   Upper 34B
Thomas   Rome 174B
Washington   Rome 177B
William   Decatur 16
William   Coal Grove 45B
William   Washington 177
William J. Elizabeth 43B
Dameron Fred   Ironton 132
Dammer William   Ironton 166
Damron Fred   Ironton 102B
John   Perry 145B
Danford William   Windsor 204
Daniel Benjamin   Windsor 191
Byrd   Union 8
Charley   Ironton 157B
Elizabeth   Rome 184
Elizabeth   Ironton 157B
Herman   Rome 184
Jacob   Ironton 151B
Joseph   Ironton 157B
Nehamiah   Rome 174B
Peter   Union 8
Daniels Adam   Ironton 149
Albert   Ironton 151
Henry   Ironton 165B
Jacob   Ironton 173
Nora   Ironton 165B
Daran George   Ironton 116B
Thomas   Ironton 116B
Vina   Ironton 116B
Dargan Harriet   Elizabeth 47B
Darhel Samuel   Elizabeth 44B
Darling Angell   Fayette 62
George   Decatur 18
Hariot   Aid 13
Henry   Rome 173
Isaac   Mason 119B
Isaac N. Mason 119B
James   Aid 13
James   Rome 173
John   Decatur 18
John   Rome 171
John   Rome 173
Milton   Decatur 18
Moses   Rome 162
William   Aid 13B
William U. Mason 113B
Darnel Samuel   Elizabeth 44B
Darnell George   Elizabeth 45
John   Elizabeth 45
Daugherty Hugh   Hamilton 86
James   Ironton 76
John   Hamilton 86
Margret   Hamilton 86
Daulton Eddie   Ironton 152
Daum Peter   Elizabeth 27
Davey Julin   Ironton 94B
Thomas   Ironton 112
David David   Perry 142B
Davidson Alex   Upper 35B
Augustus   Fayette 46B
Benjamin   Fayette 65
Clara   Fayette 59B
Clayton   Perry 134
Clough   Perry 133
Cyntha   Perry 134B
David   Fayette 62
Elizabeth   Fayette 61
Emanuel   Fayette 64B
Gertrude   Ironton 115B
Guy   Fayette 65
Guy   Coal Grove 44
Hamilton   Ironton 80
Harry   Fayette 64B
Homer   Fayette 64B
Humphrey   Fayette 65B
Isaac   Fayette 64B
James   Ironton 109
James D. Fayette 59B
Jery   Ironton 109
Joseph   Upper 28
Joseph A. Fayette 65B
Julia   Rome 166
Maggie   Ironton 97
Mighill   Fayette 59B
Milroy   Fayette 61
Missouri   Fayette 60
Neava   Ironton 66B
Nina   Fayette 65B
Pearl   Fayette 64B
Ruby   Ironton 90B
Samuel   Ironton 60
Samuel J. Upper 35B
Thomas   Fayette 65B
William   Fayette 60
William H. Ironton 102
William R.S. Upper 35B
Zalotice   Fayette 65B
Davies Ellen   Ironton 62
Emma   Ironton 90B
Fr??   Ironton 112B
George B. Ironton 71B
George H. Ironton 110B?
George L. Ironton 110B
Lillian   Ironton 62
Lottie   Ironton 62
Mary   Ironton 62
Stephen   Ironton 62
William   Ironton 71B
Davis Alice   Ironton 101
Bennie   Ironton 145
Burewell   Union 5B
Cecil   Lawrence 102B
Charles   Fayette 62B
Charles   Fayette 63
Charles   Rome 163
Crayton   Fayette 63
David   Ironton 112B
David   Upper 28B
David   Washington 180B
David J. Ironton 80B
Dorsey   Ironton 95
Edward   Ironton 146B
Edward F. Ironton 67
Effie   Washington 175B
Elizabeth   Mason 131B
Elsa   Decatur 15
Ernst   Rome 163
Ethel   Ironton 148B
Frank   Mason 124
Fred   Ironton 112B
George   Upper 29B
George   Ironton 67
George   Ironton 112B
Granvill   Rome 156B
Howard   Symmes 185
Jacob   Ironton 102B
James   Perry 148
James M. Ironton 82
John   Fayette 78B
John   Symmes 189
John   Ironton 120
John   Ironton 149
John J. Upper 35B
John J. Ironton 62B
John M. Ironton 67
Lewis   Upper 35B
Lot   Ironton 91
Marry   Ironton 143B
Mary   Ironton 76
Mary   Windsor 187B
Mary J. Ironton 67
Moses   Upper 24B
Nathan   Ironton 72
Nettie   Ironton 86
Newton   Ironton 101B
Ora   Rome 156B
Rachel   Ironton 166B
Robert   Ironton 115
Robert E. Mason 131B
Robert L. Union 6B
Rockwell   Decatur 15
Samuel   Mason 127
Sarah   Rome 176
Susan   Elizabeth 48B
Thomas   Ironton 79B
Thomas J. Ironton 63B
Thomas   Ironton 112B
Wilfred   Lawrence 102B
William   Coal Grove 48
William   Ironton 156
William   Ironton 166
William J. Union 13B
Davison Cecie   Aid 7
Charles   Ironton 118
Harry   Ironton 104
R. Guy Ironton 118
Davisson Alfred   Hamilton 89B
Cassie   Hamilton 89B
Elizabeth   Hamilton 89B
Gibson   Hamilton 90
John   Fayette 67
John   Hamilton 90B
Lucy   Hamilton 90
Mary Jane Hamilton 89B
Nathaniel   Hamilton 89B
Thayre   Hamilton 90
Thomas   Hamilton 89B
Dawlton William   Ironton 168B
Dawsom Lucy   Perry 151B
Dawson Claud   Windsor 182
James L. Ironton 65B
James W. Coal Grove 51
John   Windsor 182
Lawrence   Union 201B
Louis   Windsor 182
Lucy   Union 201B
William   Perry 148B
William   Upper 38B
Day Allen   Decatur 20
Charles   Union 12B
Edward   Ironton 124
James     97
John   Fayette 77B
John   Union 10B
William   Elizabeth 33B
Deal James   Decatur 17
Dean Allen   Rome 164B
Bertha   Elizabeth 52
Charles   Decatur 22
Ezra   Ironton 109
James   Rome 164B
John   Rome 164B
John W. Decatur 22
Joseph   Coal Grove 47
Madison   Coal Grove 49
Manda   Coal Grove 47
Marria   Ironton 148
Nancy   Coal Grove 48
Newton   Ironton 87
Rebeca   Aid 9B
William   Ironton 148
Dear Frank   Elizabeth 41B
Debord Frank   Upper 32B
DeBra Joseph   Ironton 95B
Deckard Frank   Decatur 18B
Deden Edward   Ironton 105
Degans James   Coal Grove 53
Deer Paline   Elizabeth 48
Deering Benjamin   Ironton 172
Charles   Ironton 151B
James   Perry 146
John   Perry 148B
Lydia   Perry 146
Richard   Perry 146
William   Perry 149
William   Ironton 172
??fnex Joseph   Ironton 74
Defo Lucretia   Lawrence 103B
Defoe George   Rome 158B
James   Rome 155
John   Rome 155
Otis   Rome 158B
Raina   Ironton 157B
William   Rome 158B
Defoor Charles   Rome 162B
Harry   Rome 162B
Maud   Rome 162
Minnie   Rome 162
Reville   Rome 162B
Deforr James   Rome 168
Delaey Elijah   Symmes 192B
Elijah   Elizabeth 31B
John   Symmes 190
John   Ironton 69
Rosetta   Symmes 188B
William   Symmes 192B
Delany Agnes   Ironton 106B
John   Ironton 106B
Mary   Ironton 72B
Mattie   Decatur 15
Sallie   Decatur 15
Stella   Decatur 15
Delauder Robert   Symmes 195
Delaughter William   Elizabeth 38
Delawder Alfred   Aid 5
Charles   Aid 4
Cory   Aid 2B
Frank   Aid 4
Henry   Aid 9
Ida   Aid 13
Jackson   Aid 5
James   Aid 9
James   Mason 124B
James B. Aid 4
John   Aid 8
John   Aid 11B
Joseph   Aid 9
Lawrence   Aid 5
Lewis   Aid 4
Mary   Upper 40B
Moses   Aid 4
Noah   Aid 4
Roxie   Aid 9
Delay Catherine   Ironton 65
Mary   Ironton 65
Dellar Edward   Ironton 148B
Fred   Ironton 148B
George   Ironton 63
John   Ironton 86B
Louisie   Ironton 148B
Dellert Thomas   Ironton 95B
Delong Edward   Lawrence 106B
Jack   Elizabeth 37B
John   Elizabeth 37B
Thomas   Aid 1
William   Ironton 128
William   Washington 177B
Wilson   Lawrence 107
Demont Adoniran   Mason 113B
Amos   Mason 115
Charles   Windsor 196
Daisy   Mason 126
Ethel   Mason 114
George   Mason 115
George R. Mason 113B
Guiles   Union 17
Henry   Union 196
Homer   Mason 118B
Millie   Union 6B
Samuel   Mason 115
Samuel V. Mason 117B
Sarah   Mason 118
William   Mason 114
Demin Roy   Elizabeth 37B
Dempsey Arthor   Hamilton 90B
Jackson   Aid 11
Jake   Aid 11
Wash   Aid 11
Dempsy John   Hamilton 88
Walter   Hamilton 88B
Deneim Alice   Decatur 15
Denison Ulysses   Mason 121
William   Union 16
Denisoon Bessie   Ironton 81B
Oscar   Ironton 81B
Rossie   Ironton 81B
Denizan Eea   Union 14
Denk Eva   Ironton 112B
Jacob   Fayette 61
Joseph   Fayette 61
Dennie Elizabeth   Ironton 129
Denning John   Perry 148
Dennison Abner   Rome 184
Catherine   Ironton 56B
Charles   Windsor 190
George   Union 19
George   Windsor 199B
Hiram   Rome 184
James   Decatur 25
James A. Decatur 23B
Jonathon   Rome 175
Katie   Decatur 23B
Marion   Windsor 190
Nathan   Rome 160B
William   Decatur 25
Dent Demas   Perry 148B
William   Ironton 88B
Depriest Andrew   Decatur 18B
Charles   Decatur 18B
James   Symmes 185B
John   Decatur 18B
Roxie   Ironton 84
William   Coal Grove 53B
William M. Symmes 185B
Deraler Margrett   Ironton 105B
Destel John   Ironton 116B
Dettmer Fredrick   Ironton 159B
Henry   Ironton 159B
Devore Addie   Ironton 85B
Homer   Ironton 71B
Warren   Ironton 97B
Devour Alfred   Ironton 157B
Dewitt William   Symmes 185B
Dial Louis   Windsor 195B
Dials James   Ironton 170B
Dickas John   Aid 1
Dickens Cull   Washington 177B
Diannah   Elizabeth 36B
Miami   Elizabeth 34
Thomas   Elizabeth 34
Dickerson Alberta   Ironton 74B
Alex   Ironton 74B
Ardella   Ironton 74B
Charles   Ironton 74B
George   Ironton 74B
James   Ironton 141
Nancy   Ironton 77
Wilson   Ironton 74B
Dickes Andy   Lawrence 95
Catharine   Lawrence 93B
Charles   Lawrence 93B
Charles   Lawrence 96
Daniel   Lawrence 112B
Elizabeth   Lawrence 93B
Flora   Lawrence 93B
Henry   Lawrence 93B
John   Lawrence 93B
William   Lawrence 96
Dickess Edward   Ironton 123
Dickey Lee   Windsor 186B
Dickison Sarah   Upper 30B
Dickson Laurence   Ironton 137B
Diederick Fred   Ironton 78
Dietrich Barbara   Ironton 172
George   Ironton 160B
John   Ironton 160B
Sebastian   Ironton 160B
Dillen Louis   Upper 33B
Stephen   Union 1
Dilley Abner   Aid 8
Clark   Lawrence 104B
James H. Perry 141
James T. Perry 141
William   Lawrence 104B
Dillion Albert   Windsor 203
Berk   Windsor 203
Catherine   Windsor 203
Samuel   Windsor 203
Dillon Albert   Mason 130
Albert F. Rome 155B
Alpha   Rome 183B
Benjamin   Union 202
Br____   Windsor 191B
Charles   Lawrence 95B
Clint   Fayette 60
Cyrus   Lawrence 95B
Cyrus   Windsor 187
Edna   Mason 125B
Edward   Rome 177B
Edward   Rome 180
Eleta   Aid 13
Eli   Windsor 187B
Elmer   Windsor 201
Elza   Windsor 191B
Frank   Mason 125B
Frank   Windsor 197
George W. Windsor 183B
George W. Windsor 188
Greer   Rome 183B
Greer   Windsor 191B
Harvey   Windsor 189B
Henry   Fayette 60
Hershel   Mason 115B
Hiram   Rome 169B
Hiram   Windsor 185
Ida   Mason 125B
James   Mason 120
Jane   Windsor 197B
Jesse   Windsor 196B
John   Upper 39B
John   Ironton 79
John   Windsor 183
John   Windsor 186
John S. Windsor 184
Joseph   Windsor 182
Joshua   Coal Grove 49
Katie   Rome 167B
Kirtby   Rome 169
Leslie   Windsor 192B
Mabel   Fayette 60
Marshal   Windsor 183
Moody   Windsor 183B
Otto   Windsor 201
Peter   Windsor 201
Sa___   Windsor 202B
Samuel   Coal Grove 49
Sarah   Ironton 170B
Sarah O. Fayette 60
Squire   Windsor 182
Syrus   Lawrence 95B
Vincent   Windsor 197
Vinson   Rome 156B
William   Lawrence 94
William   Ironton 79
William   Windsor 189
William A. Rome 176
William A. Windsor 185B
William H. Windsor 192B
William S. Windsor 186
Dillow Clark   Upper 27B
Hamilton   Perry 147B
John M. Perry 146B
Robbert   Perry 146B
Thomas   Perry 146B
Thomas   Ironton 55B
Dills Rosy   Perry 133
Dimmick Frank   Ironton 64
Dimnick Barbara   Ironton 154
John   Ironton 154
Dimond Charles   Ironton 140B
Demie   Lawrence 99B
Haral   Lawrence 99B
Joseph   Lawrence 99B
Dingus James A. Ironton 62
Dinison Harison   Aid 9B
Dinnan Andrew   Ironton 85
Charles   Ironton 85
Dinnen Carolas   Symmes 193B
Edgar   Mason 123B
George   Aid 10
Oliver   Symmes 193
Dinnison Harison   Aid 9B
Dirker Andrew   Elizabeth 48B
Cristopher   Elizabeth 48B
Frederick   Elizabeth 49
Disterdick Charles   Hamilton 81B
Frederick   Hamilton 81B
Mary E. Hamilton 81B
Distrebue Jules   Mason 113
Maxwell   Mason 113
Dixon Charles   Upper 30
James   Ironton 163
John   Upper 24
Meredith   Upper 24
Dobbs Edgar   Fayette 65B
John   Windsor 197
Walter   Fayette 65B
Dobson Winston   Fayette 57B
Dobyns Emily   Rome 156B
William   Rome 156B
Dodd Alice   Ironton 105
Ebert   Ironton 105
Floid   Upper 34B
Doddridge Isaac   Rome 181
Samuel   Rome 181
Susana   Rome 181
Dodds Alice   Ironton 112B
Doddy Peter   Hamilton 79
Dodridge John   Rome 157
Doerr Henry   Ironton 87B
Dog? Chiel   Ironton 102B
Dolan Edward   Ironton 81B
James   Ironton 81B
John   Ironton 89
Martin   Ironton 81B
Martin L. Ironton 89
Dolby Charles   Union 204B
Gosha   Union 205
May   Union 196B
Nathaniel   Union 205
William   Union 205
Wylie   Union 205
Domand John   Perry 151B
Domenack Warner   Aid 11
Donald Harry   Ironton 101B
Donaldson Edith   Ironton 87
Donelly Charles   Washington 175
Elizabeth   Washington 178
George   Washington 178
Henry   Washington 178
James   Washington 175
Samuel   Washington 177
William   Washington 178
Donelson Emma   Ironton 148B
Donley Samuel   Decatur 16
Donnell Maria   Coal Grove 48
Donohoe Alfred   Elizabeth 39
Mary   Ironton 90B
William   Ironton 170B
Dooley William   Ironton 73B
Doran George   Ironton 116B
John   Ironton 64B
Michael   Ironton 75
Thomas   Ironton 75
Thomas   Ironton 116B
Vena   Ironton 116B
William   Ironton 64B
Dornon Loren   Windsor 189B
William   Windsor 189
Dorris Charlotte   Hamilton 83
Doss Philip   Union 197
Dotson Isaac   Coal Grove 44
John   Union 12B
Doty Calvin   Elizabeth 36
Charles   Hamilton 83
Hugh   Ironton 127
Oliver   Hamilton 83
Willahama   Ironton 127
Double Frank   Ironton 126B
Grant   Ironton 125B
Hanah   Ironton 125B
James   Ironton 126B
Dougherty Minnie   Union 6B
Patrick   Union 6B
Doughty David   Elizabeth 37
Elizabeth   Elizabeth 37B
Madison   Elizabeth 37
Douglass Dora   Ironton 101
Henry   Ironton 163
Howard   Ironton 163
Lawrence   Ironton 163
Richard   Upper 33
Steven   Ironton 163
Dougless Gus   Ironton 144B
John   Ironton 144B
Douty Robert   Coal Grove 48
Dovel George   Hamilton 88B
Richard   Ironton 94B
Richard W. Ironton 134B
Samuel   Hamilton 79B
Dowdy George   Upper 38
Martha   Fayette 69
Dowling John   Fayette 70
Downey Arbela   Ironton 141B
Downs Harry   Ironton 88
Downy John   Ironton 116B
Doyal Thomas   Ironton 160B
Doyle James   Ironton 163
Peter   Ironton 101B
Drayer V. J. Ironton 138B