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Ironton History

Downtown Ironton Walking Tour { PDF }

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  Index to some of Ironton’s old Businesses

City Directory

  Ironton City Directory 1882 – 1883

This link shows what was open in 1882-1883, including businesses, churches, companies, residential listings and much more. Submitted by the late Ken Clark.

Floods in Ironton


Flood Pictures of Ironton, Ohio – 1937
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Ironton’s Floods

1884 Flood


1887 Flood

  Huge Storm July 1900



  Former Ironton Newspaper Man Writes Of Good Old Days During His Time as Chronicler Of Local Events


Sixty years have passed since the writer answered an advertisement in the columns of The Tribune’s honored predecessor, The Ironton Register, resulting in his employment as a boy in the Register office. That was on February 6, 1874. I remained in the service of the Register twenty-seven years, until moving to Chicago. 


Telephone History in Ironton  –  Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns


W.E.R. Kemp was a carpenter and builder of some of the earlier homes and businesses in Ironton.   These are some of the articles that we found relating to his work. THIS FILE IS  A GREAT SOURCE OF INFORMATION IF YOU ARE RESEARCHING HOMES IN IRONTON!! Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns


Prehistoric Ironton  –  Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns


Ironton Trivial  – Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns

Lynching in Ironton


Street Cars – Misc. Newspaper Articles Submitted by Sharon M. Kouns


  What was happening in Ironton in 1888 – Submitted by Barbara Madden
  Ironton’s First 100 Years “Dots & Dashes” – by Charles Collett – 

  Series of stories written for Ironton’s 100th Birthday.
  “Ironton’s History” by Miss Mary Fulwiler, Submitted by Peggy Wells


Miss Fulwiler,  former teacher in the Ironton school system and well known in educational circles has submitted to The Tribune the following article for publication in connection with the Centennial celebration which will be held next October.

Includes: how the City got its name, moving county seat to Ironton, Iron Railroad, first bank/school/church

  A New Beginning

  In 1848, the land along the Ohio river a few miles above Hanging Rock was almost a wilderness. There were a few scattered homes, small farms and apple trees. The territory was well drained ….
  Boys and Girls Don’t Know about Early Stories
  Whitwell May Be Annexed
  Ancient History of The City – Ironton Register, March 17, 1904
Early election, personal notes, Ironton Rolling Mill, Ironton’s population after 22 months
  Yesteryears – A series of short stories about Ironton’s past.
  Ironton Grew Up in a Hurry
  Seven Irontonians Get the Gold Rush Fever of 1898

  The Trail of ’98 recalls when seven Ironton young men, spurred on by the lust for gold, left their homes in this city, defied death and battled…..
  Soliloquy Series

  This is a series of short stories about the history of Ironton and Lawrence County, Ohio.  Written by Charles Collett.  These stories has a wealth of historical information on subjects you won’t find anywhere else.

Misc. Stories

  Grand Army

  This page is a listing of veterans buried in several cemeteries in and near Ironton, in 1900. It includes their names, military services and the date of death or burial of each soldier.


  Ironton’s Churches

  Our Churches, Their Strength, Their Finances and other Statistics
  Circus in Ironton
  City Council
  Ironton’s Firsts
  Statistics for 1887
  Iron Furnaces
  Ironton High School Alumni – 1867-1880
  Ironton Through the Years
  Ironton in a Nutshell
  Memorial Day Parade Committee
  Ironton’s Postmasters
  Elsberry Named Postmaster
  Julia Marlow Lived in Ironton
  Ironton’s First Baseball Team 
  Memorial Service for Deceased Members of the Watterson Council -1920 Ironton OH
  Moving the Courthouse From  Burlington to Ironton

  You must read the following interesting letter giving a copy of the minutes of a meeting to get the county seat moved from Burlington to Ironton in 1887…
  Nellie Gillen, a clerk in a store at Ironton, O., is a heroine in the eyes of the people of her city..
  Streetcars in Ironton
  Ironton Utilities

Early Pioneers of Ironton


I Remember John Campbell 

Autobiography of John Campbell

Hiram Campbell

  Let’s Get Acquainted – the life story of E.S. Culbertson
  Campbell Family Genealogy
  Col. George Noah Gray House / Lawrence County Historical Society

Former Irontonians – Where Did They Go (1875)

  McCauley Family – The McCauley Furniture Store is still in existence today and is now run by the Weber Family.
  David Nixon – His retirement story tells of the beginning of Ironton.
  John Connelly – Reminiscences of early days of Ironton.