Foster Stove Company



At the organization of the Foster Stove Works last week, Lewis E. Marting, who was formerly in the grocery business in East Ironton, was elected Secretary and Treasurer, in place of H. A. Marting. The other officers were re-elected. Mr. Marting has been at Gephart St., on the M. & C. for the last year or two. He will move to Ironton at once and go into the office of the company.
Ironton Register, Jan. 28, 1892

WAREHOUSE. – Foster Stove Co. will erect a three story warehouse, 44×88 feet, on Second-st opposite their foundry. In the warehouse, which will be put up to care for their immense stove stock, will be the office of the company. A crossing from the warehouse to the foundry will be made between the two second stories so as to afford ample communication between the two structures. This building is another gratifying evidence of the enterprise and prosperity of the Foster Stove Works.
Ironton Register, Jan. 23, 1890