Carmen Funeral Home


Submitted by Peggy A. Wells

Plans have been drawn for a new funeral home, to be erected by Carman Brothers of Russell at their former location on Belfont street. The building was destroyed by fire several weeks ago.

The plans call for a joint funeral home and residence building of modern arrangement and convenience. Two large porches will front on Belfont street, with residence rooms on the second floor. The lower floor will be given over to business offices, storage and display rooms, preparation room and chapel, with every convenience for the conducting of a funeral at the home.

Bids for the new building will be received soon and it is planned to start construction in the near future.

A new garage building, at the rear of the Carman lot, is now being constructed by Contractor Evan Morgan.

Ironton Tribune, 20 April 1932, Wednesday, Page 3.



A Chandler invalid car was rolled from the Carman garage at Russell during the Carman fire several weeks ago, its top and interior a blaze and, to all appearances, entirely ruined.

The same car will roll back into the garage this week, in new dress and under its own power. All sigma of damage caused in the disastrous fire will be missing and to all appearance it will be the same car as was used in the funeral service before the blaze. The transformation came about at the Frank Phillips Auto Shop of 214 south Second street, an institution that is rapidly gaining fame for its automobile renovating and remodeling work.

The Carman car was a sorry sight after the blaze. The top was gone, the interior had been entirely burned out and the heat was so intense the welding and soldering of the rear end had melted away. Practically all that was left were the engine, chassis, tires and wheels and steel body. In reconditioning the car it was necessary to rebuild practically all the body woodwork, insert weather stripping or pads under all fenders and about the frame, completely upholster and recover the car. The job took considerable time but it will be finished this week and will be pointed to with pride by Mr. Phillips, for to his knowledge it is the most extensive automobile repair job ever undertaken in this locality. The upholstery, of fawn color, was cut, sewed and installed at the shop, new sears were designed and places and several window glasses were replaced. In addition the car has been entirely repainted and amethyst color, trimmed in black.

Mr. Phillips recently gained recognition through his remodeling of funeral cars to permit the removal of door posts with the door so that additional space is provided. His work on the Carman machine carries him far in an old field and inspection of the machine will be invited. It is to be turned over to Carman Brothers early this week.

Ironton Tribune, 1 May 1932, Sunday, Page 3.