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Submitted by Michael L. Brown

Born:  c. 1788, (West) Virginia.
Married:  Lavina Kingery
Died:    ?   , but apparently before 1840, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Children:   Lana, Jane,  Samuel Finley Vinton,  Rebecca, John, Banister, Sarah, Elizabeth.

Biography:   Daniel was the son of Daniel Nance Sr. (whose wife was possibly named Elizabeth)  and was born about 1788.  He was born in what is now present-day West Virginia.  It was in 1788 that a fort was established in Kanawha Co. to give protection to incoming settlers.  Settlement by the whites there was fiercely resisted by the Indians.  Daniel married in the year 1812 in Kanawha Co., (West) Virginia to Lavina Kingery.  She was possibly the daughter of Peter Kingery, who was born in Pennsylvania and died in Lawrence Co. on 16 May 1872 at 102 years, 2 months and 1 day of age!  Daniel and Lavina were married by a Rev. John Lee.  Lavina was born c. 1792.  There were two Daniel Nances in Kanawha Co., (West) Virginia in 1806-1809, but evidently soon after the 1812 marriage, they came to Ohio and settled in Lawrence Co. where Daniel Jr. owned a farm on Buck Creek.  In 1828, the tax listing for Mason Twp., Lawrence Co. gives both a Daniel Nance and Daniel Nance Sr.  The deathdate for Daniel Jr. is not known, but it appears to have been before 1840.  In the census that year, Lavina is listed as head of household with six of their children at home at that time.  This was also in Mason Twp.  Daniels heirs sold land on 14 March 1851, to Lemuel S. Rucker.

1)  Lana,  also spelled Delana, born  27 October 1814  and married in Lawrence Co., Ohio to Reason A. Powell on 6 June 1833.  She died in Lincoln Co., West Virginia.
      a.         Rezin, who married and had a daughter Lucinda.

2)  Jane, our ancestor.  See entry on Jane Nance.

3)  Samuel Finley Vinton,  born 1824 in Lawrence Co., Ohio and married there first to Polly Pettry on 4 August 1847.  She was born in 1825.  They had seven children.  Vinton, as he was always known as, married a second time on 14 March 1866 to Ellen Jane Mayberry and they had two children.
 a. George Washington,  born 1848/9 in Mason Twp, Lawrence Co., Ohio and died an accidental death in March 1860 having fallen from a tree! - an event which also took place in Lawrence Co. His age in the death record says he was 12.
 b. Elizabeth, born in 1850, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
 c. Henry T., born 1848, Lawrence Co., Ohio and married to Lavina Nance,  his first cousin, daughter of John Nance. Henry  died in 1888  and  is buried at the Lodge Ridge Cemetery in Lawrence Co., Ohio.
 d. Daniel, born 1853, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
 e.  Sarah, born 1854, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
 f. Margaret,  born 1854,  Lawrence  Co.,  Ohio  and  died 1936 at Pleasantville, Ohio.  She married first to William Fellure and possibly secondly to a Kizzee. She is buried in Fellure Cemetery, Crown City, Ohio.
        g. Lana, born 1855, Lawrence Co., Ohio
        h.   Aaron Vinton,  born 10 March 1867  in  Lawrence  Co., Ohio.  He married three times,  first to Mary Bame  on 4 June 1885,  then later to Ann Lyons  and thirdly to Ida Kingery.  He died in Beckley,  Raleigh Co.,  West Virginia on 26 October 1950  and was buried four days later in the Woodland Cemetery of Ironton, Ohio.
        i. Cora Adele,  born 1 April 1868  and  married  to  Niles Ralph  on  29 September 1883.  Both events are said to have taken place in Lawrence Co., Ohio, but the marriage record appears in Gallia Co.  She possibly married secondly to a Long.  She died on 6 July 1955 at Gallipolis, Ohio.

4)  Rebecca,  born in c. 1825 in Lawrence Co., Ohio  and married to Allen Wilson, a farmer born c. 1813.  In 1850, a Benjamin Martin, aged 84 and born in "Virginia", was enumerated with their family.  They lived in Windsor Twp., Lawrence Co., very near to her sister Jane in 1870.  In that year, Rebecca is listed in the census as being an "invalid".  
        a. Benjamin F., born c. 1843.
        b. George M., born c. 1844.  Another source says c. 1847.  He was a farmer and his wife was named Martha. He lived in Windsor Twp. in 1870.
        c. Sarah, born c. 1849.
        d. John, born c. 1852.  He was a farm worker.
        e. Henry, born c. 1854.
        f. Bronson, born c. 1857.
        g. Amanda, born c. 1861.
        h. Charles, born c. 1864.

5)  John,  born  4 November 1826 at Aid,  Lawrence Co., Ohio.  He married there to Rachel A. Mowder on 25 July 1848 and they had nine children.  In addition to their own children, they also raised William H. Nance, son of John's sister Jane.  Rachel was born 8 March 1829 and died in August of 1898.  John was a farmer and his real estate was valued at $500 in 1860, with personal estate of $150.  He died on 2 March 1898 there in Lawrence County.
       a. Sarah Elizabeth,  born 4 June 1849 and married on 28 November 1867  to John Corn.  They lived in Wisconsin.
       b. Lavina,  born in 1850  and  died 1937.  She married to her first cousin  Henry T. Nance, son of S. F. Vinton Nance .
       c. John Allen,  born 1853, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  He married to Elizabeth Clark and moved to Wisconsin.
       d. Emily Jane,  born 1855, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Married to Pyron Powell and moved to Wisconsin.
       e. Mary Ann,  born 25 May 1858  and  married 20 August 1880 to George Gus Mayenschein, both events occuring in Lawrence Co., Ohio. They lived, however, in Wisconsin, California  and  Washington. She died at Grandview, Yakima Co., Washington in 1920.
       f.     Lucinda, born 1861 and married 18 July 1890 (year uncertain) to Henry Dickess, both events in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She died in 1891, and was buried in Lodge Ridge Cemetery.
       g. James Louis, born 1862, Lawrence Co., Ohio and he married to Jane Wheeler.
       h. George William, born 1865, Lawrence Co., Ohio and he married Florence B. Van Horn.
        i. Charles Edward, born 25 July 1870, Lawrence County Ohio and married to Della Payne.

6)  Banister,  born 1831 in Lawrence Co., Ohio,  he also married there on 26 January 1853 to Hannah Cornell.  His occupation in 1880 is given as "woodchopper".  Both Banister and his wife were still living in 1910, in Aid Twp., Lawrence Co.  A Hannah Nance died in Lawrence Co. on January 2, 1912, perhaps this Hannah.
        a. Daniel, born 1854/5, worked in mines, probably coal.
        b. William, born 1856/7, worked in coal mines.
        c. George W., born 1860/1.
        d. Rebecca E., born 18662/3.
        e. Harrison, born 1865/6.
        f. John W., born on 18 May 1869.
        g. Francis M., born 1871/2.
        h.  Allen, born 1874/5.

7)  Sarah, was  born c. 1827 and married Aaron Kingery on 12 May 1836, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  In 1850, they lived there in Aid Twp.  Aaron was a farmer and his real estate value that year was given as $500.

        a. Abraham, born c. 1837.
        b. Isaac, born c. 1840.
        c. Elizabeth, born c. 1841.
        d. Lavina, born c. 1844.
        e. Sarah A., born c. 1847.
        f. Aaron, born c. 1849.

8)  Elizabeth,  married  Henry Mowder  on  15 December 1864  in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  She may have died before 1880 since at the time of the census, Henry and daughter Mary were listed with Charles and Sarah Jane (Mowder) Jacobs in Noble Co., Jefferson Twp., Ohio.  Henry was born c. 1838.
        a. Mary E., born 29 February 1872.  







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