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Submitted by Michael L. Brown

Born:  c. 1744, Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.
Married:  Joanna Woodward
Died:  c. 1819, Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Buried:  Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, Ohio.
Children:  Joseph, Mary, Jonathan,  Susannah,  Richard, a daughter, Hannah, Anna and Abigail.    

Biography:  Josiah Lambert was born about 1744 in New Jersey.  His parentage is uncertain.  His father may have been named Daniel.  Of his early life little is known, up to the time of his marriage.  On 23 July 1766, he married in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey to Joanna Woodward, "of New Hanover".  His marriage license indicates residence in Shrewsbury Twp., Monmouth Co., New Jersey.  They moved to Harrison Co., (West) Virginia, perhaps about 1777.  During the American Revolution, Josiah was a soldier, serving as a sailor.  He was in the Commissary Department as an ensign on the privateer ship "Retrieve".  He was captured and taken prisoner by the British ship "Milford" in Massachusetts Bay, off Casco Bay, Maine.  The Americans had tried hard to capture the "Milford" as she was distupting fishing and shipping from Maine to New Jersey.  How long Josiah was held a prisoner is not known.  He also served during the war as a guard in Philadelphia, living at that time at Lamberton, new South Trenton, New Jersey.  Josiah once held 200 acres of land on the Susquehanna River, then received land grants in what was then Greene and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania, but in an area which later became Virginia.  He owned 221 acres in Greene Co., Pennslyvania (later Virginia), an estate which was called "The Lamb".  In 1800, the Lamberts left Harrison Co. and came down the Ohio River on a flatboat to what is today Maysville, Kentucky.  But "inasmuch as all the land belonged to Daniel Boone" the family did not stay there long.  In 1802, the arrived and settled at what became the lower section of Ironton in Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Josiah built a small log house at the end of a road which ran in a straight line to his son Richards house on the bank of the Ohio River.  Josiah and Joanna were charter members of the first church organized in the Ironton, Ohio region (in 1815), a Baptist church built at the farm of Rev. John Lee, the Baptist minister.  One record claims that the Lamberts were originally Quakers.  The Lamberts had coal banks in backs of Josiahs home and they hauled coal down the road to the river where there was a boat landing.  It appears that Josiah died about 1819.  His name shows up in an 1818 tax list, but not in the 1820 census.  In the 1821 tax list, Joanna Lambert appears, whereas she did not previously.  It is claimed on the monument set up by the D. A. R. at the Lambert grave that Joanna was born in 1745 and died in 1825.  The dates given there for Josiah are 1742 - 1820.  How accurate these dates are, however, is not known.

1)  Joseph, born 27 August 1767 in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.  Joseph married Ruth Hull in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia on 15 January 1791.  He settled in Lawrence Co., Ohio along with his parents and died there in Ironton on 7 June 1838.  They were members of the Baptist Church led by Rev. John Lee.
 a. Job, born 1791 in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia.
 b. Jeremiah, born 1792 in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia.
 c. Sarah, born 1793/4.  She married to Peter Linebarger on 26 February 1812 in Scioto Co., Ohio.
 d. Cyrus, born 1795.
 e. Isaac, born 10 May 1796 in Fayette Co., (West) Virginia.  He married to Hanna Napier in about 1827.
 f. Anna, born 1798.  She married Vesse Brommer 2 August 1822.
 g. Ezekiel, born 1800.  He married Polly Ferguson in 1819, possibly in Cobell Co., (West) Virginia.
 h. John, born 1801, married first to Delilah Blankenship on 15 August 1828 and secondly to Elizabeth Powell on 6 October 1833.
 i. Martha, born 1803, married James Clark in 1818/19.
 j. Rebecca, born 1804-07 and died 29 April 1872 in Garden Grove, Decatur Co., Iowa.  She is said to have married first to Abraham Bumgarner.
 k. Elijah, born 1805.
 l. Samuel, born 20 July 1811.  He married Sarah Sparling on 4 September 1831.
 m. Polly, born 1813.  She married Whitifield Kelly, 3 July 1828.
 n. Priscilla, born 1815.  She married Charles Wilson on 16 July 1833.
 o. Josiah, birthdate unknown, also said to have been a son, who married to Elizabeth McIntire.

2)  Mary,  born in  1771,  Hunterdon Co., New Jersey.  She married on 16 March 1791 to Charles Hull.

3)  Jonathan, our ancestor.  See separate entry.

4)  Susannah,  born  24 July 1776  in Hunterdon Co.,  New Jersey.  She married on 29 January 1796 to John Davisson in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia and they had six children.  John Davisson became a judge.  They moved with the Lambert family to Lawrence Co., Ohio whre he died in 1832 and she died in 1847.  Susannah is buried by her father in Woodland Cemetery, Ironton, Ohio.
        a. Joel, born 1812 or 1816, Ohio.  He married to Rettie, or Henrietta, Gillen on 9 October 1835.  Joel died on 19 September 1859, also there in Ohio.  
        b. Barber, married a daughter of Zachariah Hall.
        c. Nathaniel, married a daughter of Peter Linebarger.
        d. Maranda.
        e. Melvinia, married to Daniel Grubb.
        f. Cassie, married Brice Henry.

5)  Richard, born in November 1778, perhaps in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia, though the 1850 census says New Jersey.  Richard married on 11 October 1804 to Nancy Carpenter (1789-1808).  She was the daughter of Elizabeth (Hughs) Hays-McFarland by her third husband Benjamin Carpenter.  Richard served as a soldier in the War of 1812.  He was a blacksmith.  He and Nancy had perhaps 3 children and then after her death he later remarried  to Barbara Hepler and had other children.
        a.        Squire William, a farmer, married to Elizabeth Stover.  He died in 1876.  Elizabeth had died 30 years earlier, in 1846.  A son of William, Richard, was the first Lawrence Co. soldier killed in the Civil War - being killed 17 July 1861 in the battle of Scary Creek.
        b. a daughter, who married to Joel Stover.
        c. Richard (probably).

6)  a daughter, name and birthday unknown, although one source names her as Priscilla and another source says Ruth.  She married first to a Hern and then secondly to an Ira Jones.  Yet another record says she married to a Holmes.

7)  Hannah,  born in 1780  and  married on 25 March 1798  in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia to James Hull.  She married secondly on 25 October 1801 to Jacob Barnes in Monongalia Co., (West) Virginia.  She died on 9 June 1845, the day after her sister Abigail!
 a. Jesse, son of Hannah by Jacob Barnes, born 13 May 1825 and died on 9 February 1896.  Jesse married Susanna Vincent.

8)  Anna,  who married  Noah Clark  in Harrison Co., (West) Virginia on 30 December 1798.  She died in Lawrence Co., Ohio.

9)  Abigail,  born 14 October 1784  and  died  8 June 1845,  one  day before her sister Hannah.  She married to John Kelly on 11 September 1804.






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