Van Horn -Smart Family

Van Horn -Smart Family Bible

Submitted by: T. D. Baker

Submitted by: T. D. Baker

I have been having difficulty putting these together.

These are written just as recorded in a Van Horn family Bible.


William B. Vanhorn was born August 25.1823

Elizabeth Vanhorn was born April 6,1822

Rhoda Marie Vanhorn was born Feb.17,1880


William Smart was born June 4, 1783

Mary Smart was born Dec.21,1799

Busilley Smart was born July 9th,1811

David baby boy Vanhorn Aug 10 1896

Baby Girl Vanhorn Dec.7 1898

Bertha Vanhorn was born Dec.7 1898

BIRTHS (1800’s)

James k p Vanhorn was born July 21/ 47

Willaim L Vanhorn was born march 14/ 49

David Vanhorn was born July 11th / 51

Mary E. Vanhorn was born July 11th / 51

Sarah E Vanhorn nee (millerom??) was born June 9 1857

Bessie Vanhorn was born Sept ?th 1873

Grace May 7 1894


Effie May Vanhorn was borned May 4/1877

Rhoda Vanhorn was borned Feb.17/1880

Mary Rebecca Vanhorn was borned May 31/1882

Nora Bell Vanhorn was borned May 15th/1886

William Louis Vanhorn was born February 13th, 1889

James Everts Vanhorn was borned December 7/1891

Greca Elizabeth Vanhorn was born May 7 1894


Samual Vanhorn was born June 25 1795

Samual Vanhorn died Sept 8 1824

William Smart died Feb 15 1853

William B. Vanhorn died Sept 24 1851

Mary R. Vanhorn died July 23 1891

Rhoda Fox died March 9 1905 at 1;30 p.m.

W.L.Vanhorn died July 18 1905 at 2:15 a.m.


Mary Smart

Marnie Vanhorn died July 23 1891

David ^Eckman Vanhorn died June 6,99

Tuesday June 6, 1899

Sarah E Van Horn wife if W.L.VanHorn passed away Sept 7 1943

Rhoda A Van Horn daughter of W.L. and Sarah E. VanHorn passed away Dec.31,1943

Bessie Vanhorn died October the 8 1 age i month and 5 days


James Vanhorn and Annie Fox was married Oct.24 1872


Wm.L.Vanhorn and Sarah Elizabeth Millirom??

was married Nov.30 1876

Notice that the H becomes capitalized in the later generation.

Bertha Vanhorn was my husband’s grandmother,

Her mother Sarah Elizabeth M???? has her name recorded in two different Bibles spelled three different ways, this is one of my biggest puzzles at this time.

I have come to believe MILLIRONS

Also how are the Smarts connected??