Swain – Baxter Family

Swain-Baxter Family Bible Records

Submitted by: Eve Hughes

Descendants of Samuel Swain

1. SAMUEL6 SWAIN (REUBEN5, STEPHEN4, JOHN3, JOHN2, RICHARD1) was born July 26, 1771 in Nantucket MA, and died August 11, 1823 in Gallia County OH. He married MARY BRADFORDCOOK April 07, 1789 in Nantucket MA, daughter of JOSEPH COOK and MARGARET CALEF. She was born August 30, 1770 in Nantucket MA, and died July 05, 1812 in Nantucket MA.

Swain-Baxter Family Bible Records

The Family Bible of Samuel and Mary (Cook) Swain was passed on to their daughter Susan and her husband Zenas Baxter; Bible no longer in existence, but the family pages are in possession of the Nantucket Historical Society at the Folger Library on Nantucket Island, MA. The frontispiece was missing or not salvaged, but the record pages were photocopied by the library staff.

Nantucket 677 Nantucket

Family Record


Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain, was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Mary Cook, daughter of Joseph and Margret Cook, was born 8th m. 30th d. 1770

Samuel Swain and Mary Cook were married 7th m. 4th d. 1789


Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Eliza Wotton, daughter of William and Elisa Wotton, was born 7th m. 14th d. 1772

Samuel Swain and Elisa Wotton were married 6th m. 22nd d. 1813

Samuel Swain, son of Reuben and Hannah Swain, was born 5th m. 26th d. 1771

Theodate Russell, daughter of Samuel and Christina Russell, was born 8th m. 7th d. 1773

Samuel Swain and Theodate Russell were married 1st m. 6th d. 1817


Stephen Swain departed this life the 9th m. 11th d. 1823 aged 30 years 2 m.

Margaret Nixon departed this life 2nd m. 1825, age 23 years

James Swain departed this life 2nd m. 1832, age 37

Hannah Meacham departed this life the 6th m. 17th d. 1845 age 48y. 4m.

Reuben the father of Samuel Swain departed this life in 4th m. 19th d. 1807 aged 82 1/2

Hannah the mother of Samuel Swain died 3rd m. 16th d. 1809 age 71 1/2

Mary the wife of Samuel Swain died 5th m. 7th d. 1812 aged 41 y. 3m. 7 d.

Eliza the wife of Samuel Swain died 1st m. 24th d. 1816 aged 43y 6.m

Paul P. Swain died 2nd m. 7th day 1817

Samuel Swain departed this life 8th m. 3rd d. 1823, age 52 y. 2 m. 8 d.

Lydia Mahala Allin departed this life the 1 m. 12 d. 1868, aged 58 y. 5 m. 2 d.


Samuel and Mary Swain’s children Marriages of their children

Elizabeth Swain b. 1 m. 25 d. 1790 Shubael Baxter & E. Swain 10 m. 1 d. 1812

Joseph Cook Swain b. 8 m. 18 d. 1791

Stephen Bradford Swain b. 7 m. 10 d. 1793 S.B.S. to Susan Hicks 1 m. 1819

James Cook Swain b. 1 m. 25 d. 1795 J.C.S. to Mary Coffin 9th m. 29 d. 1818

Hannah Swain b. 2 m. 26 d. 1797 Denison P. Meacham* H. Swain 3 m. 1816

John Coggeshall Swain b. 10 m. 28d. 1798 (See note** below for John’s marriage.)

Mary Swain b. 10 m. 26 d. 1800 Alphonso Fuller. M. Swain 1814

Margaret Swain b. 10 m. 1 d. 1802 Otis Nixon, M. Swain 10 m. 5 d. 1818

Sarah Ann Swain b. 5 m. 24 d. 1804 Richard Nichols, S.A. Swain 10 m. 5 d. 1818

Susanna Swain b. 3 m. 24 d. 1806 Zenas Baxter & S.S. 11m 12 d 1822

Caroline Swain b. 10 m. 10 d. 1808 S.H. Coleman Caroline Swain 11 m. 1832

Lydia Mahala Swain b. 8 m. 9 d. 1810 David Allin & L. Swain (no date)

Samuel and Eliza Swain’s children

Paul Pears Swain b. 1 m. 10 d. 1816

*The name of Hannah’s husband is incorrectly given in the Nantucket Vital Records as Denison Neachondile. His name is clearly written as Meacham in the family Bible.

** The marriage of John C. Swain was not listed in the family Bible, probably because he married outside the Quaker faith. The name of John’s wife is incorrectly given in the Nantucket Vital Records as Louisa Benton. She was actually Louisa Vincent, daughter of Antoine Claudius and Flore Emilie (Berthelot) Vincent, part of the French 500 who settled Gallipolis in 1790. Their marriage was recorded on 20 July 1826 in Scioto County as Antoine had accepted land in the French Grant and raised his family there.


Zenas and Susan Baxter children

Cynthia Baxter born 5 m. 3 d. 1825

Julius Baxter born 8 m. 18 d. 1826

Charles Baxter born 1 m. 18 d. 1828

Julia Ann Baxter born 4 m. 18 d. 1832

Julia Baxter born 2 m. 1d. 1834

Frances Ellen Baxter born 5 m. 1 d. 1835

Fany E. Baxter born 4 m. 24 d. 1837

Caroline Baxter born 2 month first day 1839

S.M. Baxter born the 5 month 1841 the 29 day

Zenas Swain Baxter born the 4 month 27 day 1843

Susan H. Baxter born the 4 month 2 day 1848

Hariet Augusta(?) Baxter born the 3 month 1 day 1850

Edward Baxter 5th month 5th day 1852

(This last entry marked over, rewritten with 1858.)

Julia Ann Baxter departed this life 8th m. 23 d. 1833, aged 1 year 4 months 3 days

Frances Ellen departed this life the 5 month 8 day 1836 aged 11 months and 8 days

Fanny Eliza Baxter departed this life 8 month 5 day 1838 aged 15 months 12 days

Caroline Baxter departed this life Sept. the 14th 1840 aged 19 months and 14 days

Mary Susan Baxter departed this life 1844 August the 8 month the 25 day aged 3 years 2 months and 27 days

Cynthia A. Newton departed this life the 9 month and 2nd day 1857

Zenus Baxter departed this life 10 mo. 12 day 1865, aged 78 years 4 mo.

Hattie A. Johnston departed this life the seventh month and sixth day in the year of our Lord 1873 age 23 years 5 months and sxth days

Julious Roman Baxter died on the 7 of the month November 1882 age 56 years and 11 days

James H. Baxter, the son of J.R. Baxter, died July the 7 month the 8 day 1884 aged 27 years