Riel / Rial Family

Rial/Riel Family Bible

Submitted by Peg Schreiber

Rosa Fullerton Rial/Riel’s bible

(Bible in bad condition, Rosa carried it to church every Sunday and read
from it daily. She was a Baptist until her second marriage and her new
husband was a Presbyterian–together they became Methodist. She was the
daughter of Francis Marion and Elizabeth Keyser Fullerton)

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1897, by JR Jones in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington D.C. (only date



Samuel Riel d 8 Mar 1890 (Lawrence Co, Ohio) 42 y, 3 m, 10 d   b 28 Dec 1848
(Lawrence Co)
Married 28 Sept 1882, South Point, Lawrence Co, Ohio
Rosa Riel (nee Fullerton) 12 Apr 1911 (WVa) mother
 b 8 Dec 1865 (Wayne Co, WVa) (Buried Williams Cem now in New

(Samuel was married 1st to Phebe Ann Whaley) (Phebe d bef 1880, Sam and son
Lydious are listed in the 1880 c living with brother Jonathan Riel.)
(They had one child, Lydious David Riel (Rial) (Rosa went to court to obtain
custody of him)

George Washington Riel 22 Jul 1930-45 y, 8 m, 23 Days
b 29 Oct 1884

John Leslie Riel
19 Jul 1886,  19 Oct 1903-17 years, 3 mos

Mabel Beatrice Riel
6 Jul 1889 23 May 1890 1 y, 10m,  17days

(2nd Marriage to brother of Samuel Riel-he was a widower with 9 children.  They raised his 9, Sam’s 1 and their own 4 children together as one family)
(Benjamin) Franklin Pierce Riel b 13 day of Aug 1853 (Lawrence Co, O)
Second Union 12 Oct 1896, Proctor WVa.,  (by Rev Nana in BFP’s home)
Franklin Pierce Riel,father,  died 11 Apr 1942  88y, 8 m  Wetzel Co., W Va

Second marriage

Elizabeth Mildred D Riel
2 Nov 1897,(Marshall Co, WV) (Died 17 June 2003 at 105, 7 mos. Chestertown,

Paul Fullerton Riel
31 Mar 1899 (?Marshall Co. WV?) 7 Apr 1957, 58 y, (Alliance, Ohio)

Alma Grace Rial (in later years she  switched her names around so that she
 was Grace A –she hated Alma) 2 Jun 1902 (?Marshall Co, WV?) 2 Jan 1998,  95 y, 7 m (Chestertown, Maryland)

Alice Vivian Riel
13 May 1904 (?Marshall Co, WV?) 3 Jul 1907,  3 y 2m (screamed one afternoon
with pains in her abdomen, several days and several doctors later, she died…unknown causes)

 (Elizabeth A) Aunt Betsy Riel (b Oct 1832, Lawrence Co, Ohio to Isaac  and
Elizabeth Melvin Rial, sister to Sam and Franklin)) d Dec 1911-(buried
beside Rosa and Vivian in William’s Cem-New Martinsville, Wetzel Co, WVa)
(Betsy Ann Riel  had “brain Fever” as a child and was mentally slow.  After
the death of her parents, and the re marriages of Rosa and Franklin, she
came to live with them.  She wove the materials for the family to make their
clothing. Betsy fell down the stairs one Sunday morning and suffered
skull/brain injuries.  She died shortly afterward.)

 George Washington Riel age 30 yrs, 23 Mar 1914 (Mary Virginia

Elizabeth Mildred D Riel age 20 years, 29 Dec 1917 (To Ernest Edward
Heinzman, New Martinsville, Wetzel Co,  WVa, son of William Heinzman and
Lily Aldina Wilhelmina Protzman)

 Paul Fullerton Riel age 29 yrs, 11 May 1829 (Bertha Schmid)

Alma Grace Riel age 26 years, 14 Nov 1928 (Roy H Bowser, St Marys, WVa)

(Children from first marriage to Samuel Riel— George Washington Riel, b 29
Oct 1884, d 22 Jul 1930 Youngstown, Ohio, Getrude and Curtis at birth, John
Leslie Riel b 19 Jul 1886, d 19 Oct 1903 WV, Mabel Beatrice Riel b 6 Jun
1889, d 23 May 1890 Ohio.)

(Samuel and Phebe Whaley’s son, Lydious–b 27 Dec 1875 Lawrence Co, d 24 Aug
1953 WV.)

( ) are my explanations  and/or updates

Peg Schreiber