Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
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  • The Lawrence Register may archive and redistribute. By submitting to our website, you give The Lawrence Register a permanent license to archive and redistribute. I reserve the right to change, add, or remove any material.
  • This website is privately owned, and fully committed to provide free access for everyone. It is maintained for the┬ásole purpose of promoting Lawrence County Ohio’s genealogy and rich history to those who cannot come to our area. I do not intend any material submitted to our website to be used for personal gain, nor does this website, its owners, volunteers, (etc) to our knowledge, sell any of information submitted.
  • Post material that you own.
  • When you submit material to the Lawrence Register, you must either be the copyright holder (that basically means you wrote it), have written permission from the copyright holder, or the material must clearly be in the public domain.
  • The Lawrence Register Resources may not be resold.
  • No submitted material may be resold unless you are the rightful owner. Public domain content may not be harvested for commercial or other use, other than as would have been permitted by the Fair Use provisions of American copyright law if the material had been copyrighted. Material written and posted by an individual may not be harvested for commercial or other use, except with the permission of that individual or as permitted by Fair Use.
  • The Lawrence Register has the right to refuse material submitted or remove any material. We take no responsibilities of material submitted on this website. As with all research, please check the original source for accuracy.

Last update: Wednesday, October 2, 2015