Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

This is a new section of the Lawrence Register as part of our effort to teach kids about local history. The Kids Page was designed by Nicole Cox, with suggestions from my children (ages 8 and 11). If you’d like to see more content added, feel free to email me

Students are taught state, national, and world history in school but little, if any, local history. Knowledge of local history, however, is important because it can inspire students of all ages to be proud of their communities’ heritages and their places in the world. Teaching local history is an excellent way to bring the past to life for students, and many teachers are interested in finding a way to connect the classroom with the community. 

We hope to continue to grow this section of our web site to best suite the needs of students and teachers. 

If you’d like to schedule a field trip to the Lawrence County Museum or request a speaker from the Historical Society, contact Nicole Cox at (740) 643-2120 or (740) 646-4529 or call Kay Rader at (740) 534-9477. 

Also, check out our Resources for Research page to find more sources of local history and genealogy information. 

And, a link to Best Practices for bringing history to life and engaging students in the classroom and beyond.